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Children on a field trip when we went to Tatton Park - surprising what you can learn when you tag on at the back!
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Comments on this photo:

Apr 13 2011 17:31 GMT Icandoit
great reflection
Apr 13 2011 18:17 GMT FLUMP
Great shot...that many children in one place would have sent me screaming in the other direction but they do ask some great questions don't they?!
Apr 13 2011 18:26 GMT sini
Lovely scene and reflection!:)
Apr 13 2011 18:59 GMT Annamaria
Kids having a break from school... great find and reflections!!
Apr 13 2011 19:08 GMT skyball
A great shot with good reflections!!!!!!.....
Apr 13 2011 19:25 GMT bandsix
thanks Harry...
Apr 13 2011 19:26 GMT bandsix
Helen, to be perfectly honest we hadn't realised the kids would be on holiday, so we were a bit dropped on when this lot appeared!
Apr 13 2011 19:26 GMT bandsix
thank you sini:)
Apr 13 2011 19:27 GMT bandsix
Thank you Anna-Maria...it was a great day...
Apr 13 2011 19:27 GMT bandsix
Thank you skyball!
Apr 13 2011 19:33 GMT ForestSpirit PRO
Nice one, Barbara. Hope the kids appreciated being taken to such a lovely place!
Apr 13 2011 19:38 GMT superJoan
I am like Helen..I love kids but not other peoples when they misbehave...they do brighten the day with their innocence though..great reflection
Apr 13 2011 20:59 GMT bandsix
Thank you Sylvia, there were quite a few more of them sitting around the pond's edge until I got my camera out of the case...then they started to disappear like magic!
Apr 13 2011 21:00 GMT bandsix
I like kids too Joan, but we usually go to these sorts of places when the children are at school, so it was quite a surprise to see this little lot!
Apr 13 2011 21:01 GMT marijke06
nice find!
Apr 14 2011 01:10 GMT larrybenedict
Name one meaningful thing that you learned as you tagged along at the back :-) I agree with Helen that children do ask some great questions.
Apr 14 2011 02:00 GMT jomoud PRO
Excellent entry for this week;s reflectionthursday
Apr 14 2011 07:56 GMT bandsix
thanks marijke....
Apr 14 2011 07:57 GMT bandsix
One meaningful thing I learned as I tagged along behind was to check on school holiday dates in future!!! (well, you didn't ask what meaningful thing I learned about Tatton Park.... :)
Apr 14 2011 07:58 GMT bandsix
thank you John :)
Apr 14 2011 07:59 GMT iyerhari
great reflection entry!
Apr 14 2011 09:01 GMT Papagena
Nice find and reflections !! It seems that I do not really understand what you mean "tag on at the back" ;~((((((((
Apr 14 2011 10:55 GMT bandsix
thank you iyerhari...
Apr 14 2011 10:57 GMT bandsix
Ruth, they had a National Trust staff member going round with the group of children explaining different facts about the house and garden, and to 'tag on at the back' is just to join the group but stay a few steps behind and listen in.....!! :))
Apr 14 2011 11:23 GMT Papagena
Many thanks Barbara for these explanations !! I have still to learn a lot about English idioms then !! ;~(
Apr 14 2011 14:49 GMT Donjames
Great photograph Barbara.....enjoyed reading the comments too..........
Apr 14 2011 15:26 GMT bandsix
Not as much as I have to learn about French and German ones Ruth!!! I think all the Fotothingers for whom English is a second language are amazing...I applaud all of you who make such lovely comments in a second language...!!
Apr 14 2011 15:26 GMT bandsix
Thank you Don :)
Apr 14 2011 15:28 GMT loveth1010
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Apr 14 2011 15:40 GMT Donjames
I see loveth is onto you now, such a loser
Apr 14 2011 19:45 GMT martini957
Wonderful reflection shot
Apr 15 2011 13:50 GMT bandsix
Thank you Nancy...
Apr 15 2011 19:22 GMT mbz
very beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Apr 15 2011 19:22 GMT mbz
Apr 15 2011 21:11 GMT bandsix
thank you for both lovely comments!