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This is one of two frogs that were in my little pond....they looked as though they were alive and ready to make a leap, but they were both dead as doornails...I have no idea why...any FTers out there with any ideas?
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Comments on this photo:

May 06 2013 20:31 GMT abojovna PRO
Beautiful angle!
May 06 2013 22:18 GMT junne PRO
perhaps too much chlorine in the new water ?
May 06 2013 22:46 GMT larrybenedict
G√ľnter might be onto something??? Another possibility in a different climate might be some kind of insecticide that a bug ate before the frog ate the bug. You can probably count on at least 15 guesses after this one.
May 07 2013 04:41 GMT Annamaria
Such a pity! They already were so big.... maybe some kind of bacteria in the water? Are the fish still alive?Maybe you can have your water checked somewhere, Barbara?
May 07 2013 15:38 GMT Papagena
No idea Barbara !! Were they the only frogs in your pond??
May 07 2013 19:18 GMT bandsix
I am going to just answer this one here....there isn't any chlorine in the pond...it's just a wildlife pond, and the water was checked for suitability for fish and was fine (but we decided against fish anyway......) I think these are the ones that came to spawn, and the tadpoles are great...thousands of them wriggling around...so I expect it will stay a mystery:)
May 08 2013 12:58 GMT Bellavista
may be they are attacked by a bird or cat?