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Interesting to read the paragraph I have marked with a star...this was 165 years ago!!
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Comments on this photo:

May 27 2011 13:28 GMT Petermosull
Very interesting, I remember years ago when I was a boy we moved house and there was an old chest of drawers in the celler. The draws were all lined with old newspaper pages, some over a hundred years old. I got hours of pleasure reading them all.
May 27 2011 13:41 GMT geobak
Finally, good news!
Regards, Geo
May 27 2011 13:42 GMT Annamaria
Great find, Barbara!! ;-)
May 27 2011 15:55 GMT Donjames
Wonderful, thanks for the giggle Barbara just what the doctor ordered
May 27 2011 16:02 GMT martini957
Interesting find for sure
May 27 2011 16:14 GMT saffi9
fantastic you should do one of these every friday
May 27 2011 16:25 GMT skyball
Interesting reading Barbara...boy how times have changed!!!!!!.......
May 27 2011 17:00 GMT Sheila PRO
Amazing - and fascinating. I somehow thought transportation had ceased by then.
May 27 2011 18:07 GMT bandsix
Thanks Peter, they really are fascinating aren't they?
May 27 2011 18:10 GMT bandsix
As they say, "Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose." It's just a pity the punishment isn't up to much these days....
May 27 2011 18:10 GMT bandsix
Thank you Anna-Maria....
May 27 2011 18:11 GMT bandsix
Glad it gave you a giggle Don...there's some really great stuff in them!!
May 27 2011 18:11 GMT bandsix
Thank you Nancy...
May 27 2011 18:12 GMT bandsix
Like 'Barbara's blast from the past Friday' ? !! :))
May 27 2011 18:12 GMT bandsix
I'm pleased you enjoyed it Geoff...
May 27 2011 18:13 GMT bandsix
I wonder what happened to the dastardly scoundrel? Probably founded an Australian dynasty or something... :)
May 27 2011 18:40 GMT FLUMP
I absolutely love this....i'm hanging on every word...more please!!!
May 27 2011 21:03 GMT bandsix
thanks Helen...I'll try and oblige soon...!
May 28 2011 00:41 GMT will
Burglariously is a word I've never heard before...learning some new English here..)
May 28 2011 06:20 GMT senna3
The "good" old times!
May 28 2011 06:53 GMT geobak
Thank you, the boy in photo is the father of my grandfather.
May 28 2011 07:53 GMT bandsix
thank you for clarifiying who he was...sweet little face... :))
May 28 2011 07:58 GMT bandsix
You and me both Will....I thought it was made up! but no.....

Webster's 1913 Dictionary
adv. 1. With an intent to commit burglary; in the manner of a burglar.

so there, now we know..... :))
May 28 2011 07:59 GMT bandsix
thank you hunju for your nice comment ;)
May 28 2011 07:59 GMT bandsix
Indeed Peter....!
May 28 2011 11:26 GMT will
Yah..now we knows...and scary that 1913 was 98 years ago too..:)
May 29 2011 05:44 GMT marijke06
great to read the old words
May 31 2011 07:07 GMT bandsix
they certainly do make interesting reading marijke.......I'm glad some things have changed :)