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I have been scanning hundreds of photos and storing them in cyberspace...just in case!...and came across these of my beloved dog, Theo, and his brother Max, who belonged to my parents. As we lived next door to each other they were always together, really...Theo is on the right of this photograph, and was so special to me....I still miss him...
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Comments on this photo:

Feb 09 2011 12:10 GMT Wildspirit PRO
Awwwww....pretty picture!!
Feb 09 2011 12:12 GMT Papagena
I understand your feelings Barbara as I had animals during many years too !! Your Theo was really a magnificent fellow. And it's great he hasn't had to miss his brother Max !! :*)
Feb 09 2011 12:14 GMT Donjames
Lovely pic, can see why you miss him so much Barbara
Feb 09 2011 12:42 GMT Pea2007
Beautiful dogs.
Feb 09 2011 12:56 GMT bandsix
thank you!
Feb 09 2011 12:57 GMT bandsix
Thank you Ruth...they certainly had a happy life here, and made ours much happier,too!!
Feb 09 2011 12:58 GMT bandsix
Thank you Don...other animal lovers understand so well......
Feb 09 2011 12:58 GMT bandsix
Thank you Peter...Theo was the biggest poser on the planet - he loved to have his photograph taken!
Feb 09 2011 13:32 GMT senna3
Beautiful portrait!
Schnauzers are marvelous dogs, my parents too had a Schnauzer together with a Scottish Terrier.
Feb 09 2011 15:30 GMT bandsix
Yes, they are Peter...I would have one tomorrow at the drop of a hat, but our old cat would not be too impressed! My Scottish grandmother had a Scottish terrier - he was a bit fierce!
Feb 09 2011 15:40 GMT Annamaria
They sure are beautiful, Barbara!! A dog always is a part of the family, who is missed when he passes...so sad....
Feb 09 2011 15:40 GMT ForestSpirit PRO
Very cute picture of Theo and Max, and I know how you feel. We never forget our beloved pets,
Feb 09 2011 17:56 GMT bandsix
thank you Annamarie......
Feb 09 2011 17:57 GMT bandsix
Thanks Sylvia...we certainly don't forget them...
Feb 09 2011 18:26 GMT Bellavista
Sure lovely memories Barbara..
Feb 09 2011 19:22 GMT Lie
LOvely dogs !!!
Feb 09 2011 19:27 GMT bandsix
thank you Bea....
Feb 09 2011 19:28 GMT bandsix
thanks Lie....
Feb 09 2011 19:39 GMT sini
So cute couple!:)
Feb 09 2011 19:41 GMT bandsix
thank you sini...they gave us endless hours of fun!!
Feb 09 2011 20:07 GMT abojovna PRO
Such lovely two Schnautzers! My mom had one, Aila and my brother have eight year old dog Ergo, Schnautzer too!
Feb 09 2011 20:44 GMT MargNZ
Adorable and never forgotten Barbara :)
Feb 09 2011 21:19 GMT bandsix
I thought I had seen a schnauzer in one of your photos Claudia....they are such lovely dogs...
Feb 09 2011 21:20 GMT bandsix
That's very true Margaret...I remember all my lovely animals, but Theo was extra special.....
Feb 10 2011 17:20 GMT martini957
So precious....wonderful dogs....I can well understand your feelings
Feb 10 2011 17:54 GMT bandsix
Thank you Nancy....
Feb 10 2011 20:47 GMT poshbird
Simply lovely. :-)
Feb 10 2011 22:02 GMT bandsix
Thank you Paula :)