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messing about with some tyvek that I have painted and heated.....don't know what I could use it for, though......
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Comments on this photo:

Jan 23 2014 20:15 GMT wijnie58
Wonderful experiment and colours too, Barbara..:-))
Jan 23 2014 20:52 GMT Papagena
Another fabulous work Barbara !! ;o))

This reminds me the plastic cups of joghurt which were painted and then baked in the oven. Each one had its own shape and colours. In our school every girl had her special necklace!!

Jan 23 2014 21:16 GMT elsje323
great experiment
Jan 23 2014 21:28 GMT Jeanmac
Very artistic Barbara. What are you going to call this piece of art?
Jan 23 2014 22:50 GMT ForestSpirit PRO
A very interesting creation, Barbara! (Just googled tyvek to see what it is!)
Jan 24 2014 09:13 GMT skyball
Looks like you've put alot of work into it Barbara!!..there must be some use for it!!:-))
Jan 24 2014 11:59 GMT bandsix
thanks Wijnie:)
Jan 24 2014 12:00 GMT bandsix
It sounds as though it is a similar thing, Ruth......are you still wearing the necklace? :))
Jan 24 2014 12:00 GMT bandsix
Thanks Ida....always fun playing with things!
Jan 24 2014 12:01 GMT bandsix
Probably......'Unfinished number 150' !!
Jan 24 2014 12:02 GMT bandsix
It is interesting Sylvia....amazing how these things are discovred for use in textiles and mixed media...this was made from a piece I cut off a forensic scientist's white suit (£1 on eBay!) and there is plenty left (but now I can't dress up in it!)
Jan 24 2014 12:03 GMT bandsix
Geoff...it's easy-peasy lemon squeezy...no work involved!
Jan 24 2014 13:13 GMT Bellavista
very creative work Barbara, great idea how to turn simple things into art!
Jan 24 2014 16:40 GMT Papagena
Barbara, unfortunately it was lost as I did too often change apartment and city !! ;~((

Btw. I did yesterday the same as Sylvia !! ;°)
Jan 24 2014 19:31 GMT bandsix
Jan 25 2014 08:25 GMT Annamaria
Like Sylvia I looked in Wikepedia what tyvek is.... maybe you can still dress up in the suite and fasten this creation on the hole.... depends of course where you cut it from ;-))
Jan 25 2014 17:49 GMT bandsix
I hadn't thought of that, Anna-Maria! I think I cut it from a sleeve, so it won't be too revealing!