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I posted a photo of a knitted mouse a little while ago, made by Julie's Mum (Julie is in my Monday class) She asked her Mum to knit her a big cushion that she could put on the bed when she wanted a quite moment to read or relax, so this is what her Mum came up with...no pattern used......! The word 'love' folds up and fits in the little bear's bag, the nest has little eggs in it, and the mouse pops out of the basket...it' s an amazing piece of work:)))
It also has the word 'DOZE' spelt out on it.....
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Comments on this photo:

Dec 10 2012 18:24 GMT Sheila PRO
That's fantastic! I love it!
Dec 10 2012 18:28 GMT senna3
Very original and creative design, a masterpiece!
Dec 10 2012 18:29 GMT elsje323
very creative work
Dec 10 2012 18:35 GMT bandsix
Thanks Sheila...I'll pass that on.....
Dec 10 2012 18:36 GMT bandsix
It is quite amazing..thanks Peter...
Dec 10 2012 18:36 GMT bandsix
Thank you Ida:)
Dec 10 2012 18:48 GMT Foggydew
Extraordinary, creative and beautiful. It reminds me of a patchwork quilt. I am very interested in purchasing a patchwork or similar creation. Any suggestions?
Dec 10 2012 18:52 GMT saffi9
super talented
Dec 11 2012 03:04 GMT hallo
Sky is the limit with you girls :)
Dec 11 2012 05:44 GMT Annamaria
Oooh....so sweet!! So much work!! Made with love....its beautiful, Barbara!!
Dec 11 2012 14:52 GMT wijnie58
Stunning work, Barbara...Love it..:-))
Dec 11 2012 15:16 GMT bandsix
Thank you Foggy....
Dec 11 2012 15:17 GMT bandsix
She certainly is...!
Dec 11 2012 15:17 GMT bandsix
Some girls (!)...but thanks for that!
Dec 11 2012 15:17 GMT bandsix
It was, Anna-Maria...made to her daughter's requirements!
Dec 11 2012 15:18 GMT bandsix
Thank you Wijnie:))
Dec 11 2012 15:38 GMT martini957
Truly amazing
Dec 11 2012 18:11 GMT abojovna PRO
I admire the handiwork, very beautiful application !
Dec 11 2012 18:27 GMT bandsix
I thought so too Nancy!
Dec 11 2012 18:27 GMT bandsix
She must have lots of patience Claudia:)
Dec 11 2012 18:43 GMT Kaska
what a fantastic idea
and if you can do it without a pattern that's real craftswomen!!!!
Dec 15 2012 21:05 GMT ForestSpirit PRO
How delightful! Anyone who can create something like this must be a lovely person!
Dec 16 2012 14:08 GMT bandsix
I think she is, Mirka,...I couldn't do it with a pattern!!
Dec 16 2012 14:08 GMT bandsix
I'm sure you're right, Sylvia....I don't know her, but her daughter is very nice:))
Dec 19 2012 11:00 GMT Bellavista
aww... thats lovely.... I really like the details on the other photo ...
Jan 21 2014 19:16 GMT georgygirl2
its brilliant and i want one!
Jan 21 2014 21:35 GMT bandsix
Sadly, Julie doesn't come to the class anymore, so I don't know what she and her Mum are up to, but they certainly are a talented pair!!
BTW....I had forgotten all about these!