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My Dad when he was a pilot in the RAF....I know I am biased, but I can see why Mum fell for him!
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Comments on this photo:

Sep 03 2010 12:18 GMT senna3
Very beautiful portrait and a magnificent entry!
Sep 03 2010 12:43 GMT montello
great guy!!!
Sep 03 2010 12:44 GMT lunacrout
Very dashing :)
Sep 03 2010 12:47 GMT ABSLeggatt
Bless :) Love the smile on his face!
Sep 03 2010 12:48 GMT poshbird
A beautiful memory and a good entry for this weeks theme!
Sep 03 2010 12:48 GMT Icandoit
Lovely entry, Outstanding photo!
Sep 03 2010 13:14 GMT Papagena
I agree with poshbird !!
Sep 03 2010 13:31 GMT Bellavista
I can see too! Very handsome man!
Sep 03 2010 13:36 GMT beus PRO
Very beautiful entry!
Sep 03 2010 13:42 GMT Sheila PRO
He looks a really jolly person!
Sep 03 2010 13:49 GMT sini
Great sepia portrait!:)
Sep 03 2010 13:52 GMT jomoud PRO
A wonderful memory photo and great treasure.
You are right...very handsome:)
Great entry.
Have a fabulous weekend my friend
Sep 03 2010 13:59 GMT Minou
Great capture.
Sep 03 2010 14:09 GMT ashdad PRO
Beautiful old sepia photo!
Sep 03 2010 16:27 GMT marijke06
great sepia choice!:)
Sep 03 2010 18:10 GMT ForestSpirit PRO
Oh yes, very handsome, and looks like a nice man as well!
Sep 03 2010 18:56 GMT bandsix
Yes, Sylvia, he was a true gentleman and very much missed (two years on Sunday...)
Sep 03 2010 19:33 GMT soldier
Lovely sepia entry my friend! Good feeling here!!!!!
Sep 03 2010 19:43 GMT lossieloon
Yes very dashing .... very nostalgic entry :-))
Sep 03 2010 19:55 GMT Pea2007
Wonderful entry.
Sep 03 2010 20:02 GMT Zodyak
Excellent presentation, nice entry...
Sep 03 2010 21:10 GMT bennystr
Precious one!
Sep 03 2010 21:39 GMT megmet PRO
A handsome man!
Sep 04 2010 20:21 GMT will
Sorry for your loss Barbara. I think we never really get over it - just learn to live with it as best we can.This is a very beautiful portrait of him. I believe he will somehow know you are thinking of him tommorrow. My blessings to him, you and your entire family.
Sep 04 2010 20:48 GMT bandsix
Thank you so much Will, I'm sure he knows I think about him so much of the time.....he was always there for me, and I know I was so lucky to have had him in my life for so long.
Sep 05 2010 05:14 GMT MargNZ
A heartfelt entry Barbara :)
Jan 21 2012 11:48 GMT hallo
Nostalgic photo...I lived for many years next to an RAF base near Amman, they used to fly the Vampires over our house!!
Jan 21 2012 11:53 GMT bandsix
Thank you Samir....an ideal place for plane spotters to live!!
And he's still much missed, too......