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Ribbet,ribbet ribbet....great editor! Still is..even though it's now 'paid for' :(((

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Tags bandsix


I felted this bird pod last week.....can't sit about all day doing nothing.....
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Comments on this photo:

Jun 29 2015 17:32 GMT Lalbabu
Is there anything within that ???
Jun 29 2015 17:54 GMT will
Well you are the Apple of my eye Barbara.
Jun 29 2015 18:22 GMT hallo
Simple and very tasteful creation Barbara, not only the make but the way you pictured it as well.
Jun 29 2015 18:40 GMT Papagena
I fully agree with Samir !! I note, Barbara, you continue to create lovely works like the lovely babushkas....
Jun 29 2015 18:59 GMT saffi9
clever lady
Jun 29 2015 19:17 GMT skyball
Looking cosy Barbara!!..lovely work!!!!!!........
Jun 29 2015 20:39 GMT bandsix
No, Soumen...it is just an empty sphere, that could one day be home to a little bird maybe.....!
Jun 29 2015 20:39 GMT bandsix
Jun 29 2015 20:40 GMT bandsix
Thank you Samir.....it's the first one of many...hopefully!
Jun 29 2015 20:41 GMT bandsix
Thank you Ruth.....I enjoyed making it...it was easy.....felted over a balloon:))
Jun 29 2015 20:42 GMT bandsix
No, not clever, Dave.....just watched a YouTube video :))
Jun 29 2015 20:43 GMT bandsix
I hope a bird will agree with you, Geoff!
Jun 29 2015 20:58 GMT martini957
I love it....reminds me of an eye...awesome work and hats off to you for taking the time to do this!
Jun 29 2015 21:23 GMT will
only. Uhhhhhh. 121 days to Christmas. Save it....)
Jun 29 2015 22:23 GMT MargNZ
You are clever Barbara ... the colours are gorgeous :)
Jun 29 2015 22:57 GMT will
Jun 30 2015 01:09 GMT mickmusser
I think a bird would love it.
Jun 30 2015 01:49 GMT mellie
This is great, Barbara! :))
Jun 30 2015 12:49 GMT bandsix
Thanks Nancy...it does look like an eye, you're right!
Jun 30 2015 12:49 GMT bandsix
Don't remind me, Will......
Jun 30 2015 12:50 GMT bandsix
Not clever, Margaret, just enjoy messing about.....and I liked the colours, too!
Jun 30 2015 12:50 GMT bandsix
Er...no...pour mois , I think!
Jun 30 2015 12:51 GMT bandsix
I hope so, Mick...only time will tell!
Jun 30 2015 12:52 GMT bandsix
Thank you Melanie......:)
Jun 30 2015 18:41 GMT will
Jul 01 2015 22:23 GMT ForestSpirit
Lovely work, Barbara. I'm sure the future residents will appreciate it!
Jul 02 2015 07:03 GMT superJoan
I saw your comment on buying teasles, pity you are not nearer..they grow in an abundance near our River....love this Barbara, but I thought birds steered away from Red....must be wrong.. hope you get future nesting birds. It will be so cosy and warm for them...
Jul 02 2015 10:44 GMT Jeanmac
Love the finished work Barbara, the birds will love this cosy little house. Can't wait to make one for my garden!!!!
Jul 02 2015 17:29 GMT bandsix
Jul 02 2015 17:29 GMT bandsix
Thank you Sylvia.....
Jul 02 2015 17:31 GMT bandsix
Thanks Joan.....it's really more of a Schiaparelli pink rather than red, but I believe that red keeps gulls away...not that there are many in my garden...hope it might keep the sparrow hawk away...it has killed two of my collared doves in two days :(((
Jul 02 2015 17:32 GMT bandsix
Thanks Jean....at least you can blow up the balloons to make the resist!
23 hours ago gafaway
Terrific home for a lucky one!
13 hours ago bandsix
Thanks gafaway..
7 hours ago georgygirl2
clever lady!