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Bandsix's Fotothing

Ribbet,ribbet ribbet....great editor! Still is..even though it's now 'paid for' :(((

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my little desk.....I shall be away from it for a little while, as I am going into hospital tomorrow for surgery...but hopefully I will be back before too long:))
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Comments on this photo:

May 15 2015 08:42 GMT gtc126
Barbara, A Fantastic Desk Entry!!!! Barbara, I will be praying for you!!!!!!!!!!!
May 15 2015 08:57 GMT ForestSpirit
That's a lovely antique desk, Barbara. So neat and tidy too - unlike mine! Love the duckling too, of course.
Sorry to see you have to go into hospital, but wish you all the best and look forward to seeing you back here soon!
May 15 2015 09:26 GMT MargNZ
A charming corner in your lovely home and a nice entry Barbara .
Love and best wishes for a speedy recovery :)
May 15 2015 13:35 GMT will
Weill be thinking of you feeling better ok

Cute space..like it Barbara
May 15 2015 14:13 GMT larrybenedict
Unlike mine, yours seems neat and tidy. Wishing success and zero issues with your surgery, which will probably be the case.
May 15 2015 14:45 GMT georgygirl2
best wishes barbara
May 15 2015 14:52 GMT bandsix
Thank you Glenn.......I appreciate it.....
May 15 2015 14:53 GMT bandsix
Thanks Sylvia......I need to keep it girly tidy, as it is in the living room.....you should see my studio...looks as though I have had burglars!
May 15 2015 14:54 GMT bandsix
Thanks Margaret, for your good wishes....it all helps!
May 15 2015 14:55 GMT bandsix
Sylvia, that's a typo...it should be 'fairly' tidy!!
May 15 2015 14:55 GMT bandsix
Thank you Larry, I am sure you are right.....I think:))))
May 15 2015 14:56 GMT bandsix
Thanks Ann.......for a born coward it's a fairly big deal!
May 15 2015 14:58 GMT bandsix
Thank you Will.....:)
May 15 2015 15:15 GMT skyball
lovely shot of the desk Barbara!!,,and my best wishes for tomorrow!!!!!!...........
May 15 2015 15:39 GMT Lalbabu
A very neat desk Barbara,best wishes for the ensuing surgery.
May 15 2015 17:26 GMT Zodyak
You have got very beautiful desk :)
May 15 2015 17:28 GMT GeoffReeves
All the best and see you soon !!
May 15 2015 17:29 GMT Bellavista
I like your antique stylish table!
Get well very soon Barbara! ;-) xx
May 15 2015 17:58 GMT hokomoko
very nice
May 15 2015 18:10 GMT ustegen
really great ...
May 15 2015 20:53 GMT FLUMP
My desk at work is so bad i'd be ashamed to take a picture of it....even the cleaner at work refuses to touch it its such a mess but i cant seem to work without piles of paper surrounding me!!!
All the best for the op....
May 15 2015 20:59 GMT bandsix
Thanks Geoff:))
May 15 2015 20:59 GMT bandsix
Thank you Soumen....:)
May 15 2015 21:00 GMT bandsix
I like it, thank you Zodyak.....
May 15 2015 21:00 GMT bandsix
Thanks Geoff...I hope so:)
May 15 2015 21:00 GMT bandsix
Thanks Bea.....x
May 15 2015 21:00 GMT bandsix
Thank you.....
May 15 2015 21:01 GMT bandsix
Thanks a lot:)
May 15 2015 21:02 GMT bandsix
Thanks Helen...only tidy 'cos it's on show...my sewing room/studio is an absolute tip!!
May 15 2015 22:05 GMT superJoan
Nice one Barbara...get well soon, hope the op goes well
May 15 2015 22:18 GMT abojovna PRO
Beautiful antique desk and curtain! I hope you return back soon, Barbara!
May 16 2015 00:57 GMT mickmusser
What a tidy work space. Mine is utter chaos.
I will have good thoughts for you tomorrow.
Did you do the watercolor?
May 16 2015 09:13 GMT Jeanmac
A lovely little desk Barbara, you've already had my best wishes this morning, but I hope all goes well and I will to you later:))))
May 16 2015 10:07 GMT georgygirl2
me too! im shaking already and its only sat!
May 16 2015 17:42 GMT will
Your mouse missing you get well soon Barbara
May 19 2015 03:13 GMT hallo
I wish you quick recovery Barbara, will miss you even if it's couple of days.
May 20 2015 12:05 GMT bandsix
Thank you Joan!
May 20 2015 12:05 GMT bandsix
Thanks Claudia...here I am home again, battered and bruised but in the very best place!
May 20 2015 12:06 GMT bandsix
Thanks Mick for the good wishes, no, the watercolour is n't one of mine, but one I liked years ago and bought.......
May 20 2015 12:07 GMT bandsix
Thank you Jean.....:)
May 20 2015 12:07 GMT bandsix
Thanks Ann, ordeal over, just need to start the hard work of physio now!
May 20 2015 12:08 GMT bandsix
And I'm missing mousey too, but I do have a willing stand-in who is feeding the wildlife!
May 20 2015 12:09 GMT bandsix
That's so nice, Samir..thank you so much...back home, safe and sort of sound!
May 20 2015 13:52 GMT will
Say hi to the nurses for me and good luck Barbara.
May 20 2015 20:55 GMT bandsix
No nurses any more, Will...it's all do it yourself from here on in!
May 20 2015 21:06 GMT ForestSpirit
Good to see you're safely home again, Barbara, and I wish you a speedy recovery with as little pain and discomfort as possible.
And thank you for your nice comment!
May 21 2015 08:32 GMT bandsix
Thank you Sylvia.....it's very difficult being told you have to have a rest on the bed in the afternoons....but I'll try and cope with that! :))))))
And you are welcome....your photos always warrant a good comment!
May 21 2015 15:37 GMT will
Nobody needs to tell me that. Hope youre doing fine now Barbara
May 21 2015 16:17 GMT abojovna PRO
Welcome back, Barbara, I hope you will o.k. soon !
May 21 2015 16:25 GMT Papagena
You will see Barbara, time is flying away quickly !! Physiotherapy, Fotothing, viewing movies, getting phone calls and visits from friends, etc. may occupy the most part of your days !!! I just wish you a lot of patience.......... ;+)) lol
May 21 2015 21:15 GMT bandsix
Yes, thank you Will...getting there!
May 21 2015 21:15 GMT bandsix
Thank you so much, Claudia.....:)
May 21 2015 21:17 GMT bandsix
Yes, as you know from experience, Ruth, the time goes by.....but isn't it always the same that when you can just do whatever you want, you don't really want to do it! I think that is the human condition:)))
May 22 2015 21:17 GMT will
Hope you're feeling better Barbara
May 23 2015 05:35 GMT bandsix
Thanks will.......each day is a little better!
May 23 2015 20:35 GMT georgygirl2
glad you've got it over with! and on the road to recovery!
22 hours ago mellie
I'm so happy you are home; rest up and please take good care. Hugs, Melanie
20 hours ago bandsix
Thank you Ann! Me too:))
20 hours ago bandsix
Thank you Melanie......same to you!
19 hours ago T1MELESS PRO
Far to organised for me Barbara, my desk is a mess !!!!
18 hours ago will
Your carpet sure outshines my own
12 hours ago bandsix
That's only downstairs....my upstairs work stations are a bit different!
12 hours ago bandsix
I like to take care of it, Will...it was a big investment:)))
7 hours ago martini957
Cozy spot.....wishing you a speedy recovery my friend : ))
2 hours ago bandsix
Thank Nancy.....I'll do my best.....:))