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Ribbet,ribbet ribbet....great editor!

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Saw these modest little numbers after the canal walk, last week......not sure of the implications...:)))
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Comments on this photo:

Apr 16 2014 06:39 GMT bandsix
Should have saved it for tomorrow:))
Apr 16 2014 08:37 GMT skyball
Blimey!!..what a catch Barbara!!:-))....nice one!!!!!........
Apr 16 2014 10:41 GMT Papagena
Hahaha, great find Barbara !! ;°)))

I thought indeed you sent it for reflectionthursday........!!
Apr 16 2014 13:56 GMT Lalbabu
My thought runs similar to Ruth.
22 hours ago martini957
Colorful....maybe means if found return to Circus' clown : ))
21 hours ago bandsix
Bet you want some, don't you, Geoff? :))))
21 hours ago bandsix
Thanks Ruth...I should have!
21 hours ago bandsix
21 hours ago bandsix
Maybe it does, Nancy!
20 hours ago skyball
:-)) :-))
20 hours ago georgygirl2
did you buy some for him?
18 hours ago larrybenedict
They could have stuffed a sock or something in the front of those underwear to get a conversation started :-)))
I'm admiring the very nice oak window framing...well maintained.
3 hours ago ForestSpirit
Eye-catching undies, and great reflections too!
1 hour ago hallo
I wonder how the show will be like :)
23 minutes ago bandsix
What do you think? Hehe......:))
21 minutes ago bandsix
Well, I suppose they could.......but then this is Yorkshire.....! I must admit to not really having noticed the window frame........:))))
21 minutes ago bandsix
Thanks Sylvia......I would love to see who would buy those.......!
20 minutes ago bandsix
Me too, Samir!