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Ribbet,ribbet ribbet....great editor!

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Remember the Bird Man of Alcatraz.?...meet the Dog Man of Napoli!
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Comments on this photo:

Jan 25 2015 19:25 GMT ForestSpirit
He's got his hands full! Lovely dogs and an interesting street scene.
Jan 25 2015 19:28 GMT senna3
Taking seven (perhaps eight) dogs for a walk in a busy city like Naples, quite an Enterprise!
Great photograph!
Jan 25 2015 19:45 GMT will
I would feel right at home in the middle of this. Great photo big fun
Jan 25 2015 19:47 GMT will
Love the smiling doggies
Jan 25 2015 19:48 GMT will
And brave dog man...too
Jan 25 2015 19:54 GMT bandsix
Thank you Sylvia, he seemed completely in control!
Jan 25 2015 19:54 GMT bandsix
There were actually 10 dogs, Peter!! Thank you:)
Jan 25 2015 19:55 GMT bandsix
There are worse ways to spend an hour!
Jan 25 2015 20:07 GMT MargNZ
Well behaved dogs and a great find for animal Monday Barbara :)
Jan 25 2015 20:20 GMT superJoan
We saw this a lot last time we were in Tenerife...dogs being walked everywhere....wonderful how one person controls all these dogs
Jan 25 2015 21:08 GMT Papagena
In my area I often see people walking together with several dogs. Above all young men for whom it's a way to earn money !!
Jan 25 2015 22:02 GMT saffi9
great shot barbara , his pocket must be full of doggy bags
Jan 25 2015 22:16 GMT Snappa1
Now THERES a man who can Multi-task!
Jan 25 2015 23:27 GMT will
That's funny..)
18 hours ago skyball
Going for walkies!!:-)). a lovely catch there Barbara!!!!!!.......
18 hours ago Lie
Great find and entry.
17 hours ago mickmusser
Walkies to the max.
16 hours ago will
Nice good exercise
15 hours ago Lalbabu
Yes it's something to be watched how a person controls so many dogs in a busy street,superb catch !!!!
13 hours ago Hanny50
Great fun for the man and the doggy's, a wonderful entry for the theme !!
12 hours ago bandsix
Thanks Margaret..:)
12 hours ago bandsix
Thanks Joan....he must be very laid-back:)))
12 hours ago bandsix
Yes, I suppose it's a good way to get exercise and earn some money!
12 hours ago bandsix
I can only say 'I hope so' Dave!! Doesn't bear thinking about.....
12 hours ago bandsix
Yep...the one-in-a-million!!
12 hours ago bandsix
12 hours ago bandsix
thank you Geoff!
12 hours ago bandsix
thank you Lie.....
12 hours ago bandsix
12 hours ago bandsix
It certainly is:)
12 hours ago bandsix
Thank you, Lalbabu:)
12 hours ago bandsix
Thank you Hanny!
5 hours ago martini957
City dogs longing for the country life....sweet capture ; ))
5 hours ago will
And it doesn't require a doctorate degree too. Just get your but t off the couch and grab a very strong leash....
5 hours ago will
Hey exactly who is the leader here...lol

I'll vote foR t cute little brown doggie upper left front. Lol
2 hours ago T1MELESS PRO
He must have a secret cache of doggy bags somewhere :-))