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Ribbet,ribbet ribbet....great editor!

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Me, outside Palma Cathedral.....a few years ago...haha!
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Comments on this photo:

Jul 22 2014 18:54 GMT bandsix
I loved that dress...it's almost the last time I wore one!!
Jul 22 2014 19:29 GMT gtc126
Wonderful Entry!!!!!!!!!!
Jul 22 2014 19:31 GMT julie13
I think they called them frocks back then :) :)
Jul 22 2014 19:54 GMT Jeanmac
Great photo Barbara, and you have got legs!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jul 22 2014 20:03 GMT wijnie58
WOW Barbara fantastic picture of you...:-))
Jul 22 2014 20:41 GMT ForestSpirit
Very nice photo of you, Barbara!
Jul 22 2014 21:01 GMT abojovna PRO
You look beautiful, Barbara ! Nice to see you!
Jul 22 2014 21:04 GMT mellie
Nice shot of you! :))
Jul 23 2014 03:01 GMT hallo
I agree with everyone!
Jul 23 2014 03:08 GMT martini957
LOL on Julie's "frocks" I still call em that just for fun mind you.....sweet picture of you
22 hours ago Papagena
You are even looking like a topmodel, Barbara ! And you know "old" fashion is coming back....it's like turning a wheel !! ;+))
21 hours ago Lalbabu
Love the highlights on your hair and shoulders by the by was it taken with a film camera !!!
15 hours ago bandsix
Thank you Glenn.....
15 hours ago bandsix
Thanks, Julie, for bringing me back to earth!:)))) yes, it was a frock!
15 hours ago bandsix
Yes, I have, even though they are usually hidden these days:)
15 hours ago bandsix
Thank you Wijnie......
15 hours ago bandsix
Thank you Sylvia.......
15 hours ago bandsix
Thanks Claudia...that was the younger version:))
15 hours ago bandsix
Thanks Melanie!
15 hours ago bandsix
Seems like a sensible policy, Samir!
15 hours ago bandsix
Thanks Nancy........:)
15 hours ago bandsix
Well that gave me a smile, Ruth! And as you say, 'what goes round, comes round' or words to that effect!
15 hours ago bandsix
Thanks Lalbabu.....yes, it was taken with a film camera, by my Father, I think.........:)
15 hours ago georgygirl2
you look so different!
13 hours ago will
very, very nice !
2 hours ago skyball
How many years!!!:-))....nice memory shot Barbara!!!!!.........