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Will, here is another shot of my little mousey friend.....not great, as he was in a different hole (again!) and I was standing on tiptoes to frame the shot..and though it looks as though he has only one ear, no animals were harmed in the taking of this image:)))))
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Comments on this photo:

Mar 25 2015 11:42 GMT Littleollie
I would think your mouse friend would say, "not my best look" Barbara. :-)
Mar 25 2015 13:39 GMT skyball
A beautiful well timed shot Barbara!!!!!..........
Mar 25 2015 14:15 GMT mickmusser
I think he must appear on cue,but does look more cautious than the last shot.
Mar 25 2015 15:32 GMT hallo
I would call him "Jerry ll" :)
Mar 25 2015 15:47 GMT gtc126
Fantastic Capture, You have a thing going on with this mouse!!!!!, Barbara
Mar 25 2015 17:14 GMT will
Great seeing Barbara
Mar 25 2015 17:17 GMT Papagena
Now he says exactly what's going on when you arrive with your camera Barbara !!! But I can see his other ear........
Mar 25 2015 18:01 GMT bandsix
I think you are right:))
Mar 25 2015 18:02 GMT bandsix
Thanks Geoff!
Mar 25 2015 18:02 GMT bandsix
It was breakfast time so that's why he's there:))
Mar 25 2015 18:03 GMT bandsix
That's a good name for him:)) I considered 'Woody' as he is a wood mouse:))
Mar 25 2015 18:04 GMT bandsix
I think I do, Glenn:)
Mar 25 2015 18:04 GMT bandsix
Thanks Will:)
Mar 25 2015 18:05 GMT bandsix
Thanks Ruth.....:)))
Mar 25 2015 20:22 GMT Pea2007
very cute.
Mar 25 2015 20:26 GMT T1MELESS PRO
Neat catch Barbara !!!
Mar 26 2015 07:42 GMT MargNZ
A firm favourite with us all Barbara :))
Mar 26 2015 11:01 GMT bandsix
I think you just may have, Will...:))
Mar 26 2015 11:02 GMT bandsix
Thank you....
Mar 26 2015 11:02 GMT bandsix
Thank you, Jim.....:)
Mar 26 2015 11:02 GMT bandsix
Thanks Margaret!
Mar 26 2015 11:24 GMT will
Woddy is a cute name for him barb. ) I think anyway. We had little ground squirrel s we used to visit often and feed and look after. Blinky and sweesie. They would start running towards us after awhile upon seeing us approach .lots of fun)
Mar 26 2015 14:49 GMT Annamaria
Stunning catch, Barbara! Its so sweet...I can imaging you waiting for him to appear!! -))
Mar 27 2015 14:55 GMT Lalbabu
Lovely timely catch of this peek-a-boo !!!!!
Mar 27 2015 15:23 GMT wijnie58
What a sweet little mouse, Barbara..:-))
Mar 27 2015 18:15 GMT Snappa1
Glad to see he's keeping you on your toes.. Good catch
Mar 28 2015 22:48 GMT will
Droopy might be a good name fo him huh. Sure cute
Mar 29 2015 00:26 GMT will
Oh how funny. (I think)..might have been the name of one of the sev dwarves...ouch lllol
16 hours ago bandsix
Well, he has got two fine upstanding ears, Will...the other was caught under the stone!
16 hours ago bandsix
Thanks Anna-Maria:)
16 hours ago bandsix
Thank you Lalbabu...he 'peek-a-boos' me every morning now!
16 hours ago bandsix
Thank you Wijnie:)
16 hours ago bandsix
He certainly is, thank you LInda...:)
12 hours ago gafaway
Looking a wee bit timid... A stone castle for this creature!
10 hours ago will
Yes a king should have his castle. Me too
I just wad reading how you could build one in b.c. for around 800 $
10 hours ago will
Maybe he stored his jewels there probably some fallen stray seeds)