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Bandsix's Fotothing

Ribbet,ribbet ribbet....great editor! Still is..even though it's now 'paid for' :(((

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At a country fair on Saturday...brother's pic...again.....I haven't been out much...:((((
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Comments on this photo:

Jul 27 2015 18:10 GMT elsje323
lovely shot
Jul 27 2015 18:36 GMT will
Ohhh soo cute
Jul 27 2015 19:04 GMT georgygirl2
aww a real cutie, I want a dog!!
Jul 27 2015 19:25 GMT kaka2015
Yes cutie!!! A lot :)
Jul 27 2015 19:37 GMT Papagena
I like his big ears as well as his lovely pink coat a lot Barbara !!

I hope it is only due to bad weather that you don't walk outside at the moment !!!
18 hours ago hallo
Does the pink coat mean it's a she, or it doesn't matter these days :)
17 hours ago martini957
I simply love that sweet face...adorable catch
17 hours ago gafaway
Sure puts a smile on ones face!
14 hours ago Jeanmac
He won't miss anything with those rather large ears!!!!
14 hours ago bandsix
thank you Ida......:)
14 hours ago bandsix
Yes indeed, Will......
14 hours ago bandsix
Yes, me too...but I want a mutt:))
14 hours ago bandsix
thank you kaka...:)
14 hours ago bandsix
I was drawn to the pink coat, too, Ruth...
Yes, it's mainly the weather that's keeping me in...no fun in getting cold and soaking wet through!!
14 hours ago bandsix
I think it's a girl, Samir, wearing a lovely coloured coat:))
14 hours ago bandsix
Thank you Nancy:)
14 hours ago bandsix
I'm glad it did that!
14 hours ago bandsix
I don't think he/she will:))
13 hours ago Bellavista
The weather here seems to be fine, and this lovely smile on hef face!
Made me smile! 😊
Oh, I like the pink coat! 🐩
11 hours ago MargNZ
Very cute in pink Barbara :))
11 hours ago skyball
Nice one Barbara!!.great entry!!!!!:-))
4 hours ago T1MELESS PRO
You have to love those ears :-))