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Ribbet,ribbet ribbet....great editor!

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My (almost) resident squirrel. taking a bow....:)
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Comments on this photo:

14 hours ago MargNZ
So cute Barbara :))
14 hours ago FLUMP
Lovely...we had 3 n the garden yesterday . They were taking the apples that had fallen off the tree...saved me a job!
13 hours ago ForestSpirit
Adorable pose!
12 hours ago hans55 PRO
very cute !!
10 hours ago Lie
A sweet brown nose....cute !
10 hours ago Papagena
Marvellous to see how he is scratching his belly Barbara !! ;°)
9 hours ago hallo
He better do if he want to earn a title one day :)
8 hours ago will
isn't he cute
8 hours ago skyball
Well caught Barbara!!,,it looks that way!!:-))
7 hours ago martini957
So cute...delightful capture
7 hours ago Hanny50
It's nice to know that he knows his place, he bows to you, great shot !!
5 hours ago Annamaria
Super shot, Barbara!! ;-)
(Did you already bought some vaseline?? ;-)))
4 hours ago Lalbabu
What a superb timely capture !!!!!
3 hours ago superJoan
Has he hurt his nose......squirrels are constantly in our garden....so comical to watch
3 hours ago peterpinhole
Excellent close up.
1 hour ago bandsix
Thank you Margaret......
1 hour ago bandsix
Thanks....that was very obliging of them, helping you in the garden!
1 hour ago bandsix
Thank you Sylvia:)
1 hour ago bandsix
Thanks Hans......
1 hour ago bandsix
Thanks Hans......
1 hour ago bandsix
It isn't usually brown...I think he has been sticking his nose somewhere he shouldn't!
1 hour ago bandsix
Thanks Ruth!
1 hour ago bandsix
Yes, I'll get my sword out ready for the ceremony!
1 hour ago bandsix
Yes, he is, will......
1 hour ago bandsix
Thanks Geoff.........
1 hour ago bandsix
Thank you Nancy......
1 hour ago bandsix
My sentiments exactly!
1 hour ago bandsix
Thanks Anna-Maria......I would if I had a pole, but I'd need loads to cover the wall!
1 hour ago bandsix
Thank you Lalbabu.......
1 hour ago bandsix
I don't think so, Joan....I have a profile shot of him, and it looks as though it is only something stuck on there!