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Bandsix's Fotothing

Ribbet,ribbet ribbet....great editor! Still is..even though it's now 'paid for' :(((

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The one at the back is definitely smiling:)))
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Comments on this photo:

Sep 27 2015 18:15 GMT will
Yes I see that Barbara looks like a nice time there...thx for the pic s I enjoyed seeing them
Glad you got out there ) still no mouse sighting s? ))
Sep 27 2015 18:29 GMT martini957
Sweeties...I want to pet them all : ))
Sep 27 2015 18:55 GMT georgygirl2
I would say smirking!! lol has he got the comfiest carriage??
Sep 28 2015 08:16 GMT superJoan
Let us out.....they look happy enough on the inside looking out Barbara
Sep 28 2015 08:17 GMT superJoan
Let us out.....they look happy enough on the inside looking out Barbara
Sep 28 2015 13:10 GMT Lalbabu
What a lovely find Barbara !!!!
Sep 28 2015 15:27 GMT Hanny50
A great catch Barbara.
Sep 28 2015 19:05 GMT skyball
Good old smiler!!:-))...the others don't look too happy!!!.......
Sep 28 2015 19:57 GMT T1MELESS PRO
And a hunting we will go !!!!!! Nice catch Barbara !!!!
Sep 28 2015 21:51 GMT Bellavista
Oh yes, such a lovely portrait Barbara! They seem to be happy!
Sep 29 2015 01:40 GMT mickmusser
They seem to be enjoying their road trip.
Sep 29 2015 17:46 GMT bandsix
Thank you everyone.....they were on their way to perform in the show ring in the hound section.....
Sep 29 2015 21:35 GMT ForestSpirit
Very cute capture, Barbara!
Sep 30 2015 15:55 GMT Jeanmac
You're right he is definitely smiling!
Oct 01 2015 03:03 GMT hallo
Good catch Barbara :)
Oct 02 2015 22:54 GMT larrybenedict
I wonder if these are Fox Hounds. Did you go to the show?
Oct 04 2015 12:42 GMT Papagena
Cute find !! I also like the smiling dog a lot Barbara !! ;°)
Oct 04 2015 18:10 GMT will
Where is our mouse pal hiding? )))
Oct 05 2015 11:14 GMT mellie
What nice dogs ... the one hound at the end does have a great smile! :))
Oct 05 2015 12:55 GMT bandsix
Yes, Larry, they're fox hounds on the way to the judging ring....the Duchess of Devonshire presented the prizes (she lives in the house there....and it's beautiful!) we usually go to the show each year, and it's a good day out......take a picnic to eat in the grounds....very nice!
Oct 05 2015 12:56 GMT bandsix
Thanks Ruth..I thought he was cute.....
Oct 05 2015 12:56 GMT bandsix
I don't know, Will....we were just talking about him the other day.......
Oct 05 2015 12:57 GMT bandsix
Thanks Melanie......they were lovely dogs.....
Oct 05 2015 13:03 GMT senna3
I guess that these dogs know what is going to happen, maybe that explains the smile!
Oct 05 2015 13:21 GMT will
Oct 05 2015 16:43 GMT peterpinhole
It is smiling big time! Great find and capture for theme. I've never seen dogs in a trailer like this.
Oct 05 2015 17:33 GMT bandsix
Yes, probably! I hope smiler won it......😀
Oct 05 2015 17:35 GMT bandsix
I think they use these sheep trailers for the hounds because there are so many of them...but he was certainly enjoying his trip!