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Freedom Friday.

Songs of Freedom workshop at Old Songs Folk Festival. Pat Humphries is in the center.

Bound For Freedom (by Pat Humphries)

In Montgomery and in Selma and the streets of Birmingham
The people sent a message to the leaders of the land
We have fought and we have suffered and we know the wrong from right
We are family. We are neighbors. We are black and we are white.


Here I go bound for freedom. May my truth take the lead
Not the preacher, not the congress, not the millionaire, but me
I will organize for justice. I will raise my voice in song
And our children will be free to lead the world and carry on

From a cell in Pennsylvania, from an inmate on death row
A voice who had the courage to expose the evil show
From the courtroom to the boardroom in the televisionís glare
How the greedy live off poor and hungry people everywhere

CHO: repeat


Here I go, though Iím standing on my own
I remember those before me and I know Iím not alone
I will organize for justice. I will raise my voice in song
And our children will be free to lead the world and carry on

From the streets of New York City, Ďcross the ocean and beyond
People of all nations create a common bond
With our conscience as our weapon, we are witness to the fall
We are simple, we are brilliant, we are one, and we are all.

Repeat Chorus and Bridge

©1997 Pat Humphries Moving Forward Music
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Comments on this photo:

Jul 20 2007 11:21 GMT hbla PRO
excellent song..
Jul 20 2007 11:26 GMT will
Nice presentation ashdad..!!
Jul 20 2007 11:30 GMT Poulet PRO
Beautiful song!
Nicely framed.
Lovely entry!
Have a beautiful weekend, Ashdad. :))
Jul 20 2007 14:02 GMT rcm
Excellent Choice.
Jul 20 2007 14:26 GMT Lensvision
Excellent entry!!!
Jul 20 2007 15:08 GMT porph
a many lives beautiful hope...
and they still there, and others have to cope...
Jul 20 2007 19:20 GMT irashid
Wonderful Entry !!!

Well Presented !!!
Jul 20 2007 19:33 GMT Bali
Great symbol for the theme!!!!!!
Jul 20 2007 20:03 GMT bennystr
Beautiful entry!
Jul 21 2007 01:40 GMT gtc126
Wonderful Shot...Maurie that is a tongue twister...Old Folks Song Festival!!!!!!!!
Jul 22 2007 04:34 GMT Empty
Great photo.....Just to be at Altamont would be a thrill...!! :)
Jul 22 2007 07:30 GMT sayalio
Well done, great lyrics!!!!
Jul 24 2007 23:33 GMT wifey
Excellent EXCELLENT entry!