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Jul 29 2012 19:42 GMT julie13
I feel for you, vets are a complete rip off. My bank account is still dented from a £3000,00 vet bill last month for emergency surgery on my Rottweiler Jess. I hope your cat is feeling OK.
Jul 29 2012 19:46 GMT suzannesmash
I wish I could. Years ago, i got that that point that I had to make a choice beacuse of the vet costs. These days I have a totally vet insurance so I will never again get to that point.
Jul 29 2012 19:51 GMT armywife94e
I am definitely getting vet insurance, I used to think oh I will never need that, boy was I wrong!
It wouldn't be so bad if the Vet would work with me on payments, but they want it all with in the next week. One vet I took him too wouldn't even look at him until I signed a paper saying Id pay UPFRONT for her services, when she didn't even know what was wrong with him yet
Jul 29 2012 19:51 GMT armywife94e
I meant pet insurance not vet.
Jul 29 2012 19:59 GMT julie13
Offer the Vet a weekly amount, stand your ground and refuse to budge on it. You are not refusing to pay you are simply applying common sense to an impossible situation created by the Vet. It really amazes me that these so called animal lovers always seem to put money before the welfare of animals.
Jul 29 2012 20:06 GMT armywife94e
I agree 100%, I also understand they need the money to run their business, but I am more then willing to make payments on the bill, I am by no way trying to get a free service from them.
He has to go back tomorrow for a feeding tube to be inserted since he will not eat or drink, which is going to make his bill even higher.
Jul 29 2012 20:06 GMT armywife94e
Their answer to payment plan was, get care credit, a credit card for health care. I was nto able to be approved for it though
Nov 17 2012 12:19 GMT Hamin PRO
I BETTER GET IT TOO !!!! 4 cats and 2 dogs !
Mar 20 2013 03:11 GMT pauli3522
i hope your cat is better..poor girl