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Maracaibo Lake in rather busy morning

Lake Maracaibo (Spanish: Lago de Maracaibo) is a large brackish bay[1][2][3][4] in Venezuela at 10°39′N 71°36′W. It is connected to the Gulf of Venezuela by Tablazo Strait (55km) at the northern end, and fed by numerous rivers, the largest being the Catatumbo. It is commonly considered a lake rather than a bay or lagoon, and at 13,210 km² it would be the largest lake in South America. The geological record shows that it has been a true lake in the past, and as such is one of the oldest lakes on Earth at 20-36 million years old.[5][6]
Lake Maracaibo acts as a major shipping route to the ports of Maracaibo and Cabimas. The surrounding Maracaibo Basin contains large reserves of crude oil, making the lake a major profit center for Venezuela.[6] A dredged channel gives oceangoing vessels access to the bay. Wikipedia
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Comments on this photo:

Sep 29 2011 23:46 GMT junne PRO
very informative and the picture shows a proud vessel
Sep 30 2011 02:17 GMT jomoud PRO
Excellent shot.well composed
Terrific entry
Sep 30 2011 04:52 GMT fhelsing PRO
a nice group of boats and ships!
Sep 30 2011 05:50 GMT MargNZ
Great entry and information Aquiles :))
Sep 30 2011 09:54 GMT roncarlin PRO
Well done. Great entry.
Oct 01 2011 05:29 GMT sini
Great lake entry!:)
Oct 03 2011 21:45 GMT abojovna PRO
Beautiful entry, thank you for informative comment, aquiles ... and fantastic photo as always!
Oct 08 2011 15:52 GMT Hanny50
Wonderful composition!!
Oct 26 2011 23:30 GMT JJAP
A ese palo lo llaman el baupres y sirve para asegurar los esteyes del trinquete. Aunque es casi horizontal estrictamente hablando es otro de los palos junto con el trinquete, el mayor y el de mesana.