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item 1 of my portfolio, done in strictly transparent watercolor, chesapeake area
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Comments on this photo:

Jun 06 2006 07:39 GMT losp

I'm novice in fotography and no painter as well.. but wow3 .. you really can paint with your free hands and your artistic imagination .. What a great way to introduce yourself in this Fotothing page of yours .. I love to see more of your beautiful paintings in coming days .. Congrtulations apaenti !!! .. lol ..
Jun 07 2006 00:08 GMT aparenti
thank you so much! I would love to put up more of my paintings, but I find getting a good photo with accurate colors is difficult, please let me know if you have any suggestions
Jun 07 2006 02:18 GMT losp

Aparenti .. My reluctant layman's views: Go to your nearby reputable camera shop and I believe the people there can assist you much. Or talk to somebody (professional) who can give you his advice. Or use the Fotothing Forum to pose your problem there for other Fotothing members to give their views/advice/tips on how best to tackle your problem area/s (I've yet to use it !). I'll search the Internet for some good reading materials (approprate for your specific case) and come back to you soon. .. All the best in your new painting-to-Fotothing challenge in coming weeks. Best regards .. lol ..

Jun 07 2006 23:33 GMT aparenti
oh you don't have to do that! I'll get off my lazy butt (so to speak) and search the internet myself hahaha Thank you though, you are very nice and though you might call yourself a novice, I think your photos are lovely!
Jun 07 2006 23:43 GMT losp

aparenti .. Thanks for your understanding of my intent, which is not meant to be mean or scorning You're right: that little extra push/initiative can often create big results .. Best of luck in your search/research on your planned objectives in coming months and years .. God bless ..
Jun 09 2006 16:12 GMT GeoffReeves
I agree with losp,a lovely first photo.!
Welcome to Fotothing.:-)
Sep 06 2006 14:41 GMT bobart
Brilliant ... so delicate yet strong ... so loooose and fresh. What's the size?
Sep 08 2006 13:53 GMT flashfy
Congratulation - I really would hang it on my wall - nice painting and good capture
Sep 09 2006 17:56 GMT aparenti
thank you bobart, it's around 11"x14"