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my niece with her niece
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Comments on this photo:

Nov 13 2008 22:02 GMT corainna
wonderful photo!
Nov 13 2008 22:05 GMT annieann PRO
thankyou so very much .
Nov 13 2008 22:09 GMT lizzieb
lovely Annie - where have you been honey, I have missed you and Jak!
Nov 13 2008 22:12 GMT annieann PRO
hi lizzie . i have been ill on and off for quite a while now . keep getting colds back just as fast as i get rid of one .i am back now and i missed you too lizzie . jakjak will be o soon too . hope you are welll my friend . hugs annieann xxxx
Nov 13 2008 22:14 GMT lizzieb
I am fine thanks, glad to know you are getting better. I wondered, but did know you had not been well not long ago so am not surprised. You need to take better care of yourself! Hugs back xxxx
Nov 13 2008 22:15 GMT otilia
Lovely Annie, lovely and wonderful
Nov 13 2008 22:16 GMT annieann PRO
thanks lizzie . i will . think i need some vitamins maybe . xx
Nov 13 2008 22:16 GMT annieann PRO
why thanks my friend .xxxx
Nov 13 2008 22:24 GMT lizzieb
Vit C for colds taken daily will help. Eat plenty of fruit (says her who cant be bothered to half the time!) etc. As your pharmacist (not the shop assistant) they should advise you on what is best for you - sometimes depends on what meds you may be on.
Nov 13 2008 22:26 GMT annieann PRO
thats true . get fed up taking pills . don't need colds on top of my condition . thanks for the info and for your concern you lovely lady ... hugsxxxxxx
Nov 13 2008 22:32 GMT lizzieb
You are more than welcome dear friend. xxxxxxxx
Nov 14 2008 08:10 GMT ind0098
Nice to see the kid with his/her Mom.
Nov 14 2008 15:59 GMT Lusofona
Woowww... Lovely!
Nov 15 2008 00:08 GMT martini957
so sweet
Nov 21 2008 12:21 GMT annieann PRO
thankyou . she is his aunt really . went to visit and hold her niece .
Nov 21 2008 12:21 GMT annieann PRO
thanks my lovely friend .xx
Nov 21 2008 12:22 GMT annieann PRO
thay are martini . i love children . xx
Dec 01 2008 19:12 GMT princessnot
how cute!
lovely foto and charming baby ;)))
Dec 14 2008 19:18 GMT annieann PRO
ty very much
Dec 14 2008 20:11 GMT annieann PRO
thankyou so much joe ..
Dec 14 2008 20:17 GMT beus PRO
Very beautiful image!!
Dec 14 2008 20:18 GMT annieann PRO
thankyou so very much ..