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great grandchildren

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this is my beautiful grand daughter cassey. her parents were advised to abort her as she has fluid on the brain . my son and his partner could not bring themselves to do that .against all dds they had her . she is now nine months old . can say dad and laugh and giggle just like a normal child . her head is large and she has a shunt fitted . to drain the fluid . she can eat like mad loves her food and i saw her for the first time last week when i visited them in scotland . she is adorable i wanted to just hug her and never let her go . i am so pleased that my son and his partner decided against the doctors decision .
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Comments on this photo:

Oct 18 2012 17:21 GMT ForestSpirit PRO
Such a beautiful little girl! So glad to see she's doing well now.
Oct 18 2012 17:21 GMT Cronos1
Very impressive story...Soooo beautiful child and portrait !
All my best wishes of health, and health,and health again !
Oct 18 2012 17:31 GMT Papagena
I just agree with the other comments !! May the progress continue !!
Oct 18 2012 17:32 GMT saffi9
congratulations annieann
Oct 18 2012 17:38 GMT Myshots
Beautiful story, and beautiful grandchild......
Oct 18 2012 18:10 GMT hans55 PRO
woow ...very impressive story Annie !!
Oct 18 2012 19:07 GMT skyball
A lovely selection of happy family shots Annie!!..thank you for sharing!!!!!!.......
Oct 18 2012 19:12 GMT wijnie58
Great story and a lovely grandchild...:-))
Oct 18 2012 20:01 GMT marijke06
impressive story...wish them the best!
Oct 18 2012 20:19 GMT 25barb
Sensitive and caring comments. There are still those who trust their heart and do what they feel is right
Adorable and may she have a happy and healthy life with deep love for all who will know her.
Thank you for sharing this photo and this story.
Oct 18 2012 20:48 GMT mbz
congratulations annieann!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oct 19 2012 09:49 GMT julie13
She is beautiful and deserves to be here. Doctors get it so wrong as this little beauty proves. I gave up on doctors many years ago and my 16 year old refuses to see a GP after being mis diagnosed with Diabetes, she was injecting insulin which made her sugar level drop so low she had no energy. Now she wants compensation and we are looking into that at the moment. When I was pregnant with my last child now 8, I refused most of the anti natal appointments, I had my scans but I made it clear to the midwives that they would see me when I felt I needed to be seen, they didn.t like it but I had a much happier relaxed pregnancy and a healthy 8lb 10oz boy. I refused a health visitor, I was not going to listen to a childless 20 something telling me what to do when I had already had two girls aged 12 and 8.
Your son made the right decision and good luck to this little family, you must be so proud of them.
Have a great weekend :)
Oct 19 2012 12:46 GMT marioalbertina
Courage and abnegation to choose to keep their child! ! ................ :)
Oct 19 2012 15:21 GMT senna3
Wonderful AnnieAnn, I can imagine how proud you are!
Oct 20 2012 03:01 GMT pauli3522
you must be proud of your family....she is adorable..and i am sure that she will be fine soon...
Oct 22 2012 10:41 GMT hanek
Your son made the right decision , she is wonderful ...
Oct 23 2012 12:11 GMT superJoan
So tired......
Oct 24 2012 09:23 GMT annieann PRO
thankyou my friend .... me too
Oct 24 2012 09:24 GMT annieann PRO
thank you very much cronos . it is appreciated x
Oct 24 2012 09:24 GMT annieann PRO
aw thnk you papagena x
Oct 24 2012 09:25 GMT annieann PRO
thankyou saffi x
Oct 24 2012 09:25 GMT annieann PRO
thank you dear myshots x
Oct 24 2012 09:26 GMT annieann PRO
thank you hans . she is a little miracle xx
Oct 24 2012 09:26 GMT annieann PRO
bless you hunju and my thanks xx
Oct 24 2012 09:27 GMT annieann PRO
your very welcome skyball and all your comments are much appreciated xx
Oct 24 2012 09:27 GMT annieann PRO
thank you dearest wijni xx
Oct 24 2012 09:28 GMT annieann PRO
thank you marijke . i will give them your wishes xx
Oct 24 2012 09:30 GMT annieann PRO
awwwwwwwww barb what a lovely comment . never would they have took the advise of those specialists . they said they just want her to be part of thier life no matter how long for xxx
Oct 24 2012 09:30 GMT annieann PRO
thank you so much mbz x
Oct 24 2012 09:34 GMT annieann PRO
julie , what a wonderful story and im so proud of you for the decisions you made regarding all this ..you were so right in doing so . my daughter in law would do everything right . go to all the meetings but never let them touch her internally she thought that was wrong and not needed as they could see the babys progress on the scans . we each have our own beliefs . i am so proud of my son and his partners courage to go through with this . she is a real beauty xx
Oct 24 2012 09:35 GMT annieann PRO
exactly marioalobertina . they wont regret it xx
Oct 24 2012 09:35 GMT annieann PRO
oh yes senna so very proud x
Oct 24 2012 09:36 GMT annieann PRO
i am sure she will too pauli and thank you for your lovely comment x
Oct 24 2012 09:37 GMT annieann PRO
awww thank you hanek. i am so pleased you agree with him x
Oct 24 2012 09:37 GMT annieann PRO
tired joan no she is wide awake
Oct 24 2012 17:57 GMT hallo
Thank you for sharing those moving photos and the story behind!
Oct 31 2012 18:53 GMT annieann PRO
your very welcome hallo and thankyou for commenting and taking the time to read my story xx
Oct 31 2012 20:31 GMT SIGMUND
Nov 01 2012 01:35 GMT Milibuh
So proud of your family. God blees you !!!!
Nov 01 2012 08:55 GMT Riet
I am deeply impressed...........I wish the parents and that little beauty all the luck they can get in this world!
Nov 01 2012 09:30 GMT clintonfolks
lovely photo.!!!
Nov 04 2012 20:17 GMT annieann PRO
thankyou sigmund x
Nov 04 2012 20:18 GMT annieann PRO
thank you dearest milibuh
Nov 04 2012 20:18 GMT annieann PRO
oh thank you so much riet .
Nov 04 2012 20:19 GMT annieann PRO
thank you clintonfolks x