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sporting one broken leg laid me up for weeks now broke the fibular bone and chipped a bone may ned an operation to put a plate and a pin in...... hoping it knits togetier first so i wont have to have the op . wish me luck my foto friends xx
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Comments on this photo:

Sep 03 2012 03:35 GMT annieann PRO
thank you my good foto friend xx
Sep 03 2012 04:10 GMT junne PRO
best wishes for a speedy recovery
Sep 03 2012 04:32 GMT MargNZ
Oh no Annieann ! I do wish you good luck for an uncomplicated recovery :)
Sep 03 2012 04:42 GMT Annamaria
How unfortunate, Annieann!! I hope the bones will heal like this and that you don't need an operation!! Let your family take good care of you...
Sep 03 2012 05:04 GMT dalincourt
same happened with me, i did not needed an operation but i was in bed for about two months without touching floor
Sep 03 2012 07:22 GMT hans55 PRO
all the best wishes for you ...what happend ??
Sep 03 2012 08:10 GMT superJoan
Annieann how did you manage this....now you can enjoy a rest.. hope you soon heal well without the operation....
Sep 03 2012 20:41 GMT gtc126
Sorry about that, I will be praying for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sep 03 2012 20:46 GMT cikku
Good Luck. I will keep you in my prayers.
Sep 04 2012 01:20 GMT verababy
may peace of the Lord be with you
my name is Vera
please can you write me back with my email [verababyone4u@yahoo.com] for have a good friendship with you i will tell you about me and give you my picture for you to know me ok,thank you very much and God bless you, MY Email, verababyone4u at yah oo dot com
Sep 04 2012 02:48 GMT fhelsing PRO
I hope that you won't need surgery ... heal quickly and take care!
Sep 04 2012 06:42 GMT annieann PRO
thankyou junne x
Sep 04 2012 06:44 GMT annieann PRO
yes, i'm afraid so margnz. silly me, i slipped in some water and damaged it very badly . thanks for your good wishes my friend x
Sep 04 2012 06:47 GMT annieann PRO
it was that unfortunate annamaria , i was due to fly out to spain today and am not allowed to . so i have been very upset as it was a holiday with my mum ,, 2 sisters my brother and nephew . so you can imagine how i am feeling lol . but i hope they have a lovely holiday and get there and back safely xx
Sep 04 2012 06:49 GMT annieann PRO
same here dalincourt, i am very distressed over it . has stopped me going to santa ponsa in spain and singing also for a while...
Sep 04 2012 06:52 GMT annieann PRO
whatever is the matter with some people . i am so sorry you feel this way . no-one on facebook should have to .. hope you are feeling much better today . x
Sep 04 2012 06:54 GMT annieann PRO
hans . silly me was carrying wet net curtains down the stairs . as i got to the bottom they had driped onto the floor and i took a step down and went flying ....
Sep 04 2012 06:56 GMT annieann PRO
i am such a clumsy girl superjoan and slipped on water that had dripped on the floor .oh i am getting a rest alright . but cant get about much .... very distressing as i am very independant x
Sep 04 2012 07:02 GMT annieann PRO
you are a wonderful and talented person hunju. and i do so admire your photos . please do not let certain sarcastic people spoil it for you ..
Sep 04 2012 07:02 GMT annieann PRO
thank you gtc. i am happy to hear that xx
Sep 04 2012 07:03 GMT annieann PRO
thank you cikku , thats very kind of you xx
Sep 04 2012 07:04 GMT annieann PRO
thank you for your good wishes verababy xx
Sep 04 2012 07:05 GMT annieann PRO
thank you fhelsing . i will try very hard to get well x
Sep 04 2012 13:55 GMT martini957
Oh my...so sorry...sure hope it heals on its own
Sep 04 2012 19:30 GMT FLUMP
poor you - hope you make a quick recovery
Sep 04 2012 20:21 GMT yvonNL
All the best for you!
Sep 04 2012 21:42 GMT al7n6awi PRO
OOOOh :( I wishes for you a speedy recovery
Sep 05 2012 15:21 GMT charlie26
Wish you all the best.
Sep 06 2012 12:32 GMT Papagena
My belated best wishes for a soon recovery Annie !!
Sep 06 2012 19:02 GMT FRIESIAN
Hope you will recouver soon! Take care on yourself!!
Sep 09 2012 04:02 GMT annieann PRO
Nancy , so do I. it is driving me nuts as I am so Independant x
Sep 09 2012 04:03 GMT annieann PRO
me too flump .xx
Sep 09 2012 04:03 GMT annieann PRO
thank you yvon x
Sep 09 2012 04:04 GMT annieann PRO
i hope it is too . got this on for 4 more weeks if it looks like healing then a cast for more weeks if not the big op . x
Sep 09 2012 04:05 GMT annieann PRO
thank you charlie x
Sep 09 2012 04:05 GMT annieann PRO
thank you so much pap xxxx
Sep 09 2012 04:06 GMT annieann PRO
thanks friesian. i will certainly try x
Sep 11 2012 19:51 GMT sini
Best wishes!:)
Sep 11 2012 19:53 GMT annieann PRO
thank you very much sini xx
Sep 11 2012 19:54 GMT annieann PRO
not quite all over but getting there xx