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my little sister eileen left her friend angela , me aged 11 yrs and my mum. my little baby sister was in the pram kathleen
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Comments on this photo:

Aug 15 2013 15:38 GMT happysnaper
Beautiful family series
Aug 15 2013 16:00 GMT marioalbertina
Very nice remembrance !...........
Aug 15 2013 16:38 GMT hallo
This reminds me of the good old black and white prints :)
Aug 15 2013 17:53 GMT clintonfolks
wonderful family photo.!
Aug 15 2013 19:10 GMT skyball
Happy days!!..i hope they were good ones Annie!!..lovely old photo shot!:-))....
Aug 16 2013 13:48 GMT ForestSpirit PRO
A nice one from your family album!
Having a photo taken was quite an event in those days, wasn't it!
Aug 16 2013 14:53 GMT Hanny50
Nice memories!!
Aug 17 2013 04:49 GMT MargNZ
A charming black and white photo Annieann :)
Aug 18 2013 15:20 GMT charlie26
Very nice to see such an old photo.
Aug 18 2013 16:41 GMT pauli3522
pretty nice ladies here...happy faces here
Aug 20 2013 16:44 GMT martini957
So sweet
Aug 21 2013 20:49 GMT annieann PRO
thanks happysnappa
Aug 21 2013 20:49 GMT annieann PRO
thankyou marioalbertina
Aug 21 2013 20:50 GMT annieann PRO
yes hallo, in the old streets where neighbours were genuine
Aug 21 2013 20:50 GMT annieann PRO
thank you clintonfolks
Aug 21 2013 20:51 GMT annieann PRO
skyball they were the best days of my life . wish i cud go back .
Aug 21 2013 20:51 GMT annieann PRO
it sure was forest .
Aug 21 2013 20:51 GMT annieann PRO
most certainly are hanny
Aug 21 2013 20:52 GMT annieann PRO
thanks so much margnz
Aug 21 2013 20:52 GMT annieann PRO
hunju, i much appreciate your comments .
Aug 21 2013 20:53 GMT annieann PRO
thank you charlie it was 54 years ago
Aug 21 2013 20:54 GMT annieann PRO
we were a very poor but happy and close family . never had much but we had love ..... priceless pauli
Aug 21 2013 20:54 GMT annieann PRO
thank you nancy
Aug 22 2013 09:15 GMT Donjames
Fabulous new collection
Aug 24 2013 20:20 GMT 2011Rob PRO
Very nostalgic my dear :-))
Aug 25 2013 18:59 GMT annieann PRO
thank you dear don xx hope you are well
Aug 25 2013 19:00 GMT annieann PRO
thank you very much rob x
Aug 26 2013 02:21 GMT gtc126
Super Memories!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sep 10 2013 08:58 GMT aloraphotos
time just go s on :)
Sep 10 2013 08:58 GMT aloraphotos
Sep 20 2013 19:13 GMT annieann PRO
thanks don . long time since i been on sorry my reply took awhile x
Sep 20 2013 19:14 GMT annieann PRO
your so right there my friend alora
Sep 20 2013 19:15 GMT annieann PRO
thank you dear gtc
Sep 22 2013 13:07 GMT twsottawan PRO
A B/W blast from the past or just an old snap.
Oct 02 2013 14:53 GMT annieann PRO
thank you twsottawan
Oct 29 2013 12:30 GMT garynumber1cleaner
My Dearest Annie, I am so sorry I have not been by here for so long. And what I have done is look out to see how my dearest friends are, I have come too see you and Annie I have looked back from your most recent pictures to find this one so full of happiness and obvious love.
I know that right now it will not matter what anyone says to you, as I know the severe pain that you now have to behold in your heart. It will ease, but it will never go away completely. It is the good times that make you feel so sad, and if your dear mother ever filled you with sadness in life then you would not feel how you do today. I know a little time has passed since your mother left this earth, but yes it is a little time.
It is a real privilage for me to see you and your mother etc so happy together in this picture, I was not there at the time myself but I can still see it here...such a precious momment of so many more you had, and you yourself side by side with your mother.
You will be together again one day Annie, I know that patience also brings pain, but please do not live the rest of your precious time in complete sorrow. Your mother would never want to see you or any of your family like that, she will wait for you, Angels always do.
God Bless you all.
All my Love Gary
Nov 05 2013 14:28 GMT annieann PRO
Oh my, what a beautiful comment you leave for me Gary . many thanks , it sure made me think . I have so many millions of happy memories with my beautiful mother , no bad ones at all ever . she was a good kind and wonderful mum to all eight of us . she did have thriteen she has gone to our dad now to spend her anniversary and birthday and christmas forever . This pic was taken when i was eleven and we were very happy although we were poor . we never went without anything especially our parents love . thanks from the bottom of my heart my friend Gary xxxxx. big hugs