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Holland - Groningen - Ter Apelkanaal
A young grandfather taking his granddaughter home.
Collage of two pictures
January 20, 2007

He told me that this was his first grandchild and that she had a baby sister.
His daughter and her husband lived with their children only two houses away... So you can imagine how great it must be to have your (grand)children so close by.
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Comments on this photo:

Feb 10 2007 14:46 GMT Kaska
point taken dear A ;)
Feb 10 2007 14:57 GMT annaschnitfink
For Kaska:
Feb 10 2007 15:47 GMT LizSA
OOhhh Anna.....you did it.....Kaska...cute....!!!

Yes Annaschnitfink....sometime a bit close...!!
Lovely for grandparents....and sometimes more nice for the parents..!!
OOhh now I did it...!!
Feb 10 2007 17:03 GMT annaschnitfink
We never know what we want dear Liz. If they live too close we complain, if they live too far away, we also complain. Should complaints go with our age? :)
Feb 10 2007 17:43 GMT brummieboy
Terrific shots ... beautifully captured Anna .. Phil
Feb 10 2007 17:44 GMT brummieboy
Are you being teased by any chance?? :-)))
Feb 10 2007 18:50 GMT annaschnitfink
Thanks dear Phil for your nice comment!
Feb 10 2007 18:52 GMT annaschnitfink
Yes Phil: it is Kaska = Mirka = my dear daughter in law, who is teasing me all the time... and I am so sweet to her, honestly ... I do not deserve to be teased in such a terribe way ;-)))
Feb 10 2007 19:17 GMT LizSA
oh Anna this is cute....yes...I do agree....too far away and too near....
complain we will....but how you enjoy it....how you enjoy them.....
we had Lourens today....his mom went to work and daddy did the garden and
a bit of repairs at home...so he stayed with us... I do not really complain...
it is just tidying up afterwards.....and all the things that get thrown at you if you say no....and the little ones that do not know about having ears or what that is for.....and all that...:::))))))))))))))) just jokes Anna,, we love them so much......so much.....!!!
Feb 10 2007 20:16 GMT annaschnitfink
On the 24th of April, 2007 I shall take my 13 year old grandson with me to Spain for 8 days. We are going to see Malaga, the moorish Castle in Malaga, the Picasso Museum and Granada, and we hope to go swimming each day either in the swimming pool in the garden of the apartment building or in the sea..., and we both shall make lots and lots of photos. I am looking forward to this very much dear Liz!
Feb 10 2007 22:37 GMT brummieboy
I am smiling ... :-))) Phil
Feb 10 2007 23:50 GMT Macfudge
Very nice foto. Nice to hear about your trip to Spain. Sounds exiting!
Feb 11 2007 00:04 GMT iyerhari
Feb 11 2007 00:04 GMT annaschnitfink
Thanks dear Hans. I mentioned an incorrect date, however, we shall leave on April 28th to return on May 5th... I am lookig forward to a bit of sunshine too!!!
Feb 11 2007 13:48 GMT Jakeobean
Anna...I can't imagine how nice it would be to have my grandchildren living closer to me....they provide so much joy and it's nice to see them grow..which occurs too quickly..great and meaningful photograph..........
Feb 11 2007 23:28 GMT annaschnitfink
I fully agree with you dear Jake. Grandchildren are one of the greatest joys in life when you get older... :)))