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Belgium - Brugge - shopping
Luxurious children shoes for prices that made me raise an eyebrow...
For a look at the prices please click on original view
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Comments on this photo:

Sep 28 2012 16:48 GMT elsje323
nice shoe collection but expensive...
Sep 28 2012 17:08 GMT hans55 PRO
very expencive ...prices in Euro's ??? :-)
Sep 28 2012 18:13 GMT ForestSpirit PRO
Pretty shoes with shocking price tags! And growing children would only be able to wear them for a short time.
Sep 28 2012 20:50 GMT junne PRO
man, am i glad not to have children in this day and age.
Sep 28 2012 20:54 GMT annaschnitfink
Thanks for your comment dear Elsje.
Sep 28 2012 20:58 GMT annaschnitfink
You are so right dear Sylvia: within a couple of months, half a year at the max. children will have outgrown these far too expensive shoes. Thank you for commenting.
Sep 28 2012 21:00 GMT annaschnitfink
Yes dear Hans: these prices are in euros.
Size 21-24 is for children of 1-3 years!!!
So they are extremely expensive.
Sep 28 2012 21:44 GMT annaschnitfink
Thank you for your comment dear Junne.
If I had young children now I am sure that they would get shoes with a far lower price label attached to them... Where is the end if you start to spoil children at such a young age?!
Sep 29 2012 03:56 GMT hallo
Some are born lucky Anna :)
Sep 29 2012 06:40 GMT Annamaria
They sure are expensive, Anna! I have never bought such expensive ones for my children. I guess that children aren't allowed to play wearing these shoes....just sit....
Sep 29 2012 14:17 GMT rock
Italian shoes? Nice but expensive! :-)
Sep 29 2012 15:54 GMT annaschnitfink
On the one hand you are right dear Hallo.
On the other hand: such expensive shoes do not mean automatically that the children who wear them are happier children...
Thank you for your valued comment my dear friend.
Sep 29 2012 15:56 GMT annaschnitfink
I am afraid you are right dear Annamaria: matching the shoes go equally expensive clothes, which probably do not allow the child to play...
Thank you for your valued comment!
Sep 29 2012 15:56 GMT annaschnitfink
Thank you for reacting dear Rock.
I guess the majority of these shoes are indeed from Italy.
Sep 30 2012 22:26 GMT junne PRO
i agree with your reply to hallo. the happiest children i have ever seen were barefoot :-)))