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Kos - Greece - Fortress - (in red) pomegranate (granate apple) - punica granatum
The town of Kos, was founded in the 4th century BC: it soon became one of the richest centres of the region: at the beginning it was ruled by the satraps (Persian governors) of nearby Halicarnassus; after Alexander the Great defeated the Persians, Kos fell within the sphere of influence of the Ptolemies, the Greek dynasty which ruled Egypt and later on of the Romans. In the 2nd century AD it was part of the Asia Minor province and it enjoyed great prosperity.
After the fall of the Byzantine Empire in 1204, Venetians and Genoese competed for supremacy on the very impoverished island: the Genoese managed for a while to add Kos to the other large islands (Metelino, Scio) near the Asian coast they already controlled, but in 1315 Vignolo de' Vignoli, the Genoese lord of the island, called in the Knights of St John.
The fortress of Kos has a long rectangular shape and it protects a small harbour of shallow water: its appearance is not as spectacular as that of other fortresses built by the Knights. The only fortification of some relevance is a round bastion built by Grand Master Fabrizio del Carretto (1513-21); its shape is very similar to the larger bastion that this Grand Master built in Rhodes. In the construction of the fortress the Knights made use of materials taken from the ruins of the ancient town and of the Asclepeion, a shrine on a nearby hill.
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Comments on this photo:

Oct 19 2012 06:30 GMT Cronos1
Beautiful entry !
Oct 19 2012 06:34 GMT annaschnitfink
Thank you dear Cronos1!
Oct 19 2012 06:42 GMT Cronos1
So sorry to discover so late your beautiful photos. I've just browsed your archive and I'm impressed ! I'm also interested by the landscape photography, and I like very much your works !
See you soon
Oct 19 2012 06:44 GMT annaschnitfink
Thank you so much dear Cronos1 for showing your appreciation!
That's why we publish our pictures on FT is not it: to also have other people enjoy our work?! I am truly glad you like my pictures.
Oct 19 2012 06:54 GMT senna3
Very subtle touch of red, a marvelous contribution to the theme!
Oct 19 2012 07:00 GMT annaschnitfink
Thank you for showing your appreciation dear Peter!
Oct 19 2012 10:53 GMT Papagena
A superb choice with interesting informations Anna !! ;°)
Oct 19 2012 14:07 GMT jomoud PRO
A very inviting pommegranate:)
Thanks for all the interesting information.
Excellent entry Anna
Have a wonderful happy weekend
Oct 19 2012 15:36 GMT annaschnitfink
Thank you dear Papagena for your kind reaction!
I am very pleased you also liked the extra info! :)
Oct 19 2012 15:36 GMT annaschnitfink
Thank you dear John for showing your appreciation!
I wish you and Joyce and further family members a very good and peaceful weekend!
Oct 20 2012 07:20 GMT Annamaria
Great, subtle entry, Anna!! ;-))
Oct 20 2012 09:18 GMT wijnie58
Great work, dear Anna..:-))
Oct 20 2012 10:49 GMT annaschnitfink
Thank you dear Annamaria for your kind reaction!
Oct 20 2012 10:49 GMT annaschnitfink
Thank you dear Wijnie for showing your appreciation!