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Belgium - Brugge
A square in the beautiful city of Brugge
Like Holland a large part of Belgium is flat, so also in Belgium it's bikes everywhere!
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Comments on this photo:

Jun 04 2012 10:38 GMT Pasifae
Lovely composition my friend! :)
Jun 04 2012 10:41 GMT annaschnitfink
Thanks for your valued reaction dear Pasifae!
Jun 04 2012 11:32 GMT senna3
Well spotted, great city square shot!
Jun 04 2012 12:05 GMT annaschnitfink
Thank you dear Senna for your very kind comment!
Jun 04 2012 14:05 GMT Annamaria
Beautiful lamppost!!
Jun 04 2012 14:22 GMT wijnie58
Beautiful picture...!!
Jun 04 2012 18:32 GMT annaschnitfink
Thank you dear Annamaria for your comment!
Jun 04 2012 18:32 GMT annaschnitfink
Thank you dear Wijnie for your nice reaction!
Jun 04 2012 18:33 GMT annaschnitfink
Thank you my dear friend Hunju for your valued reaction!
Jun 05 2012 18:47 GMT hans55 PRO
very nice composed picture !!!
Jun 05 2012 20:23 GMT elsje323
great composition
Jun 05 2012 20:29 GMT annieann PRO
lovely capture
Jun 05 2012 20:29 GMT annaschnitfink
Thanks for your reaction dear Hans!
Jun 05 2012 20:29 GMT annaschnitfink
Thank you very much dear Elsje for your kind comment!
Jun 05 2012 20:30 GMT annaschnitfink
Thank you dear Annieann for your nice reaction!
Jun 06 2012 23:19 GMT junne PRO
and since everyone obeys traffic rules, you are safe on a bike. you should see the traffic here ! :-)))
Jun 07 2012 06:58 GMT annaschnitfink
Thank you for your reaction dear Guenter: I am sure I would not like to make trips on
my bike where you live... :)))
Jun 07 2012 22:28 GMT junne PRO
you will live longer, not to :-))) red traffic lights mean go, right and left side of the road are right. when someone pulls into your road from right or left they will never look who is coming, because if they do, it will be their fault if they get hit. people crossing the road on foot, too will never look if someone is coming. rickshaws, bicycles, motorcycles, busses and cars are all competing for the little space that is left.
Jun 07 2012 22:37 GMT annaschnitfink
Traffice in the Far East seems quite frightening to me...
I'd better wait until I'm given angels' wings...
Then I guess it will be safe to participate 'far from the madding crowd' at a certain distance :)
(free after Thomas Hardy)