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Holland - Groningen - Ter Apelkanaal
January 20, 2007
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Comments on this photo:

Jan 24 2007 11:38 GMT sini
Impressive sky!!
Jan 24 2007 11:40 GMT annaschnitfink
Thank you sini for your kind and valued response!
Jan 24 2007 11:55 GMT hans55 PRO
great sky series ... you can make some today as well !!
Jan 24 2007 11:55 GMT Rotterdammer
This why you are most popular.......These are amazing pictures.
Jan 24 2007 12:11 GMT ander
Beautiful lighting through the clouds .
Well done .
Jan 24 2007 12:51 GMT Foggydew
very threatening - great mood !
Jan 24 2007 12:57 GMT brummieboy
Lovely stormy sky .. great sequence Anna...
Jan 24 2007 15:05 GMT LadyJustice81
seems like God's got something to say to us there... little bit of divine intervention perhaps? wonder what He was looking at,...
Jan 24 2007 15:06 GMT LadyJustice81
you've got 2007 photos.... there's a sign here. something's happening. first it's God looking down on you and now you have got the numbers right! go buy a lottery ticket, woman!
Jan 24 2007 16:42 GMT Zodyak
Great atmosphere, nice sunlights...
Jan 24 2007 18:46 GMT Elise
Beautifu capture.....nice shot!
Jan 24 2007 19:28 GMT annaschnitfink
I do not know if I am between the featured members now because of my sky pictures Rotterdammer. I have not the slightest idea what criteria are used... Thank you, dear Rotterdammer, for appreciating my pictures and for letting me know you do!
Jan 24 2007 19:28 GMT annaschnitfink
Thank you Ander for your kind response. I am glad you like this one!
Jan 24 2007 19:29 GMT annaschnitfink
Thanks for your comment dear foggydew. I am pleased you like the a bit sinister mood of this picture!
Jan 24 2007 19:30 GMT annaschnitfink
Thanks for appreciating this series Phil. Since I truly like so many of your pictures, it is appreciated that you like lots of my uploads too! :)
Jan 24 2007 19:34 GMT annaschnitfink
I would not know LadyJustice81 (comment 1); I shall consider to buy a lottery ticket (comment 2). Thank you very much for both comments!
Jan 24 2007 19:34 GMT annaschnitfink
Thanks for your valued comment dear Zodyak!
Jan 24 2007 19:34 GMT annaschnitfink
Thanks dear Elise for your kind reaction!
Jan 24 2007 20:02 GMT Bernadet
Very impressive!
Jan 24 2007 20:12 GMT annaschnitfink
Thank you very much Bernadet for your kind reaction!
Jan 25 2007 00:28 GMT Macfudge
Very nice sky series. That is one place, in many, where nature keeps us involved on a daily basis.
Jan 25 2007 09:22 GMT Hanneke
wow, great capture!
Jan 25 2007 11:13 GMT annaschnitfink
Thanks dear Hans for your comment. Yes Hans the ever changing sky keeps us busy!
Jan 25 2007 11:13 GMT annaschnitfink
Thanks dear Hanneke for your comment!
Jan 25 2007 16:35 GMT annaschnitfink
Thank you very much dear Yeau for your poetical comment! I agree with you: it is dark, but there is enough light left for 'hope'!!!
Jan 26 2007 12:08 GMT senna3
I am always fascinated by sky pictures. This one is really wonderful!
Jan 26 2007 12:23 GMT annaschnitfink
Thank you senna 3. It was made in Groningen, in very open land, one day after the great storm. There was still a lot of turbulence and the sky was still changing all the time.
Jan 27 2007 13:39 GMT sourdos
Wonderfull! Very beautifull :)
Jan 27 2007 18:44 GMT annaschnitfink
Thank you so much dear Sourdos. I am pleased you like this photo!