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Holland - Groningen - Ter Apelkanaal - January 20, 2007

In Holland we do not have impressive mountains. Our country is extremely flat and lies for one quarter even beneath sea level. The wind is stopped nowhere and gives us our impressive ever changing skies. Landscape paintings made in Holland got famous for their skies already in the 17th century, also called the Golden Age.

With a view to the small series of four photos (at the right) with skies only I chose for the above photo a sky higher than ususal!

This is one of the views my grandson can enjoy on a daily basis. The meadow (and its animals) is nextdoors... I hope it will stimulate and deepen his love for nature, as it did with me living in the country as a child.
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Comments on this photo:

Jan 23 2007 12:56 GMT wifey
2000 photos! Congratulaitons!! This is like a fine painting. My fave.
Jan 23 2007 13:00 GMT annaschnitfink
Thanks so much Wifey for your comment. I did not notice it was my 2000th! After all I am quite pleased with this one as my 2000th picture! :)
Jan 23 2007 13:53 GMT ander
And congratulations , on the 2000 thousand photo.
And a great photo this is.
But i miss the mountains a little .
Jan 23 2007 15:13 GMT annaschnitfink
Thank you very much dear Ander for liking the photo and for your congratulations!
I would be very surprised if I would see mount Esja all of a sudden at the horizon somewhere in Holland! :)
Jan 23 2007 15:27 GMT charlotte
Prachtige foto, ik zou ook het liefst zo wonen op het platteland
Jan 23 2007 15:41 GMT Apus
2000 pictures WOW Congratulations
I would miss the hills, where I live it is all hills. I live at the top of a hill so when I go out I have to climb a hill to get back home again. Oh well it keeps you young I suppose!
Jan 23 2007 15:42 GMT Macfudge
Congratulations on your achievement!
This is also a nice foto. I recognized the location upon viewing the foto! LOLOL
Jan 23 2007 15:58 GMT Foggydew
has a painting feel - very nice :)
Jan 23 2007 16:20 GMT annaschnitfink
Thanks Hans. It could have been in Zealand too, in so far you are right with your remark that you 'recognized the location'!!! :)
Jan 23 2007 16:21 GMT annaschnitfink
Thanks dear Foggydew for your comment. I guess the painting feel is because of the clouds too!
Jan 23 2007 16:24 GMT annaschnitfink
Dankjewel Charlotte! Ze wonen daar inderdaad prachtig! En Charlotte, wie weet:later???
Jan 23 2007 17:54 GMT paintpictures
wonderful shot again....
Jan 23 2007 17:58 GMT annaschnitfink
Thanks Apud for your kind reaction. I can imagine that you would not feel at home in Holland because of your being accustomed to your hills all the time. And for sure they keep you fit! For us in Holland one of the attractions of being abroad is: mountains and hills! :)
Jan 23 2007 17:59 GMT annaschnitfink
Thank you so much paintpictures for your nice response!
Jan 23 2007 18:00 GMT Scarlett PRO
WOW !! Congratulations for your 2000 Anna ! It's a very beautiful scenery, a little surreal, a little like a painting !! ;)
Jan 23 2007 18:03 GMT annaschnitfink
Thanks Scarlett for your comment and for your congratulatrions!
Jan 23 2007 21:27 GMT Molivac
Lovely image 2000 !!!!!!
Jan 23 2007 21:30 GMT annaschnitfink
Thanks very much Molivac for your comment and for noticing that it is my 2000th!
Jan 23 2007 23:18 GMT Lubranco
Two thousand images with so much nice work full of the important information, so much creativity, so much imagination and a great "regard" to beautiful and important things. Congratulations Dear Anna.
Jan 23 2007 23:25 GMT annaschnitfink
Thank you very much dear Luisa for your almost too kind and valued words.
Jan 23 2007 23:44 GMT Midworlder PRO
2000 and still going strong always good information and images
Jan 24 2007 00:07 GMT annaschnitfink
Thank you so much Midworlder for this really kind and valued reaction for both info and images!
Jan 24 2007 00:08 GMT annaschnitfink
Thank you dear Baldvin for your nice comment. I am pleased you appreciate it!
Jan 24 2007 00:31 GMT Poulet PRO
VERY BEAUTIFUL SHOT, dear Anna !!! It does look like a painting !
And, congratulations on your 2000 uploaded. Thanks for sharing your interesting, informative and beautiful pics for us all. :)))))
Jan 24 2007 00:35 GMT annaschnitfink
My pleasure dear Poulet. And thank you for commenting so regularly on my photos. It is appreciated very much by me!!!
Jan 24 2007 12:55 GMT brummieboy
What an absolutely delightful shot .... I am sure he will be interested in the world generally as he grows up .. especially with such a fascinating grandmother...
Jan 24 2007 16:46 GMT Zodyak
I like this very much...
Jan 24 2007 18:43 GMT annaschnitfink
Thank you very much dear Phil for your very nice comment! :)
Jan 24 2007 18:44 GMT annaschnitfink
Thank you Zodyak for your kind response. I am pleased that you like this picture!
Jan 28 2007 18:13 GMT GeoffReeves
You have great opportunities for "cloudscapes" :-))
This is lovely :-))
Jan 28 2007 18:22 GMT annaschnitfink
Thank you very much dear Geoff for your great comment. It is appreciated. :)))