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Greece - Kos City - the Castle, a 14th century memory from the times of the Knights of St. John.
October 2009

Except for occasional incursions by corsairs and some severe earthquakes, the island has rarely had its peace disturbed. Following the lead of its great neighbour, Rhodes, Kos generally displayed a friendly attitude towards the Romans; in 53 AD it was made a free city. The island was later conquered by the Venetians, who then sold it to the Knights Hospitaller of Rhodes (the Knights of St John) in 1315. Two hundred years later the Knights faced the threat of a Turkish invasion and abandoned the island to the Ottoman Empire in 1523. The Ottomans ruled Kos for 400 years until it was transferred to Italy in 1912. In World War II, the island was taken over by the Axis powers. It was occupied by Italian troops until the Italian surrender in 1943. British and German forces then clashed for control of the island in the Battle of Kos, in which the Germans were victorious. German troops occupied the island until 1945, when it became a protectorate of the United Kingdom, who ceded it to Greece in 1947.

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Comments on this photo:

Jan 13 2010 18:26 GMT hans55 PRO
beautyfull ... and a great sky as background !!
Jan 13 2010 19:23 GMT annaschnitfink
Thank you dear pmosull for your kind comment!
Jan 13 2010 19:24 GMT annaschnitfink
Thanks for your reaction dear Hans.
It was indeed a wonderful day to walk around amongst the great remains of this fort.
Jan 13 2010 20:50 GMT derkz
very nice view on that ols building
Jan 13 2010 21:56 GMT annaschnitfink
Thanks for your kind reaction dear derkz!
Jan 17 2010 02:16 GMT iyerhari
superb series!
Jan 17 2010 10:30 GMT annaschnitfink
Thank you fro your fine reaction dear Iyer!
Jan 17 2010 18:08 GMT cdc PRO
great composition
Jan 17 2010 18:37 GMT annaschnitfink
Thank you for your reaction dear cdc!