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Holland - Apeldoorn - Paleis het Loo - 1686

Formal gardens - after 1975 the palace was turned into a museum and the gardens were restored like they used to be in the latter half of the 17th century.
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Comments on this photo:

Nov 17 2007 10:15 GMT Steve PRO
Those jets of water must be coming from selected places for a particular reason. I can see Capetown is "featured" in this way. Any ideas?
Nov 17 2007 10:27 GMT marijke06
Steve, originally the water here is coming from the "higher" regions in the neighbourhood of Apeldoorn....:) I am not sure if they are getting the water from there these days :)
I think I know this only because I have lived twenty years 500 meter from this place :)
don't worry if I am wrong :))
Nov 17 2007 10:32 GMT abhatti PRO
As I lived in Apeldoorn for a few years in the past. Your photos of Apeldoorn has revived many of my memories. I used to spend lot of my time in Het Loo taking photos. Thank you very much for putting these beautiful pictures on Fotothing.
Nov 17 2007 11:08 GMT iyerhari
Wow!!!!!!!!! wonderful:)
Nov 17 2007 13:26 GMT u40
dobre foto
Nov 17 2007 13:46 GMT gwen83
Leuke foto, gelukkig is dat niet in het echt. hahaha:)))
Nov 17 2007 14:21 GMT megmet PRO
A very nice image and a lovely place!
Nov 17 2007 15:55 GMT hans55 PRO
beautyfull ...on my list to visit someday !!
Nov 17 2007 17:10 GMT LizSA
Beautiful Anna.. this is very nice..!!
Nov 17 2007 21:23 GMT annaschnitfink
Lieve Hans, Op dit moment is er in het Museum Het Loo (Het Paleis dus) de tentoonstelling 'Kinderen van Oranje', met foto's en schilderijen. Het ziet er heel goed uit. De tuinen zijn natuurlijk in de zomer op zijn mooist, maar je kunt altijd nog eens terug gaan!!! :)
Nov 18 2007 14:10 GMT Jakeobean
Anna....wonderful series on the Apeldoorn - Paleis het Loo...the gardens are beautiful...you are so lucky to have these beautiful gardens to visit....
Nov 18 2007 16:09 GMT Midworlder PRO
Excellent artwork here
Nov 18 2007 16:55 GMT annaschnitfink
Yes they still get the water from the old and higher places, dear Marijke. Thanks for your comment anyway!!! :)))
Nov 18 2007 16:56 GMT annaschnitfink
Thanks for your comment Steve. Marijke meanwhile answered the water whereabouts!!! :)))
Nov 18 2007 16:56 GMT annaschnitfink
I am so pleased dear Abhatti that my photos brouhght back your good memories!!!
Thank you for your reaction!
Nov 18 2007 16:57 GMT annaschnitfink
Thanks for your reaction dear Iyer!
Nov 18 2007 16:57 GMT annaschnitfink
Thanks for your comment u40!!!
Nov 18 2007 16:57 GMT annaschnitfink
Dankjewel lieve Gwen voor je grappige commentaar! :)))
Nov 18 2007 16:58 GMT annaschnitfink
Thanks dear Megmet for your valued reaction!
Nov 18 2007 16:59 GMT annaschnitfink
You really should go there, dear Hans! You will enjoy it!
Nov 18 2007 16:59 GMT annaschnitfink
Thanks for your comment my dear friend Liz!