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COLD!!! its SNOWING!! noooooooooooo

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This is my 4th tattoo!! i got it done yesterday 3-5-09 by a guy named Tony who works at Mt.shata ink! he is an amazing artist! im so proud of it!! not the greatest picture but i thought i would share with you guys.. what do you think of it? "took about 3 hours if i had to guess."
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Comments on this photo:

Mar 06 2009 17:52 GMT bazer PRO
Beautiful @rt Work Nice INK V Cool ;-]
Mar 06 2009 17:55 GMT amberxox
thnx ^ ^
Mar 06 2009 18:43 GMT PhotoPro PRO
the Phoenix has special meaning for me - beautiful artwork
Mar 06 2009 18:51 GMT amberxox
the phoenix is has a special meaning for me 2. before me and louis where togeather i was lost in life. i never had a bad childhood i love my parents every much but a part of me just couldnt help but be lost and depressed i felt like a pice of me was missing for a long time until louis showed up and showed me what it feels like to love some one other then your family. the phoenix dies and then is reborn out of its own ashes, we got married september 13,2008 and im a new woman! so i got the phoenix to represnt the new me
Mar 09 2009 14:52 GMT granitbiscut
Thats a lot of ink in 3 hours. Loooks great.
Mar 10 2009 17:08 GMT amberxox
thanks lol it looks kinda bad right now cuz its going threw that stage where its trying to heal if you ever want to get ink done let me or louis know we can probley hook you up
Mar 10 2009 19:44 GMT LisaSam67
Fantastic hun!!! Love your reasoning behind it too!