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I bought this ancient bottle from an antique store, so old the Surgeon General's label wasn't on it. Kept it in the closet for a few years, then in the fridge for a couple more. The other week I pulled it out and drank it, an experience never to be forgotten. No it wasn't great--it had no carbonation, just a thick mouthfeel and a deep worn-out toffee flavor after 25 to 30 years of aging.
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Comments on this photo:

Dec 09 2006 02:28 GMT DonMussell PRO
Wow, I had forgotten about Old Foghorn. Anchor Steam is sucha great company.
Dec 09 2006 05:21 GMT tony PRO
I have a bottle of the first batch of Old Foghorn, but the label is considerably more the worse for wear than this one. I also have some bottles of more recent vintage that look clean, much like the photo.
Dec 09 2006 05:51 GMT alden PRO
Tony--would love an idea of what year this might have been.
Dec 10 2006 07:02 GMT tony PRO
Mid to late 1970s. Mine came from a small number of bottles brought to my old homebrewing club by visiting brewmaster Fritz Maytag. The story was that the beer couldn't be sold because while it was ageing, the laws changed governing how much cancer-causing nitrosamines could be in malt, which ultimately dictated that malt had to be kilned in a different way in order to reduce the levels, and the barleywine hadn't been made from such malt.
Dec 12 2006 05:47 GMT alden PRO
Thanks, cool story. I met Maytag at Anchor once; nice guy.