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Holland - Landscape - annaschnitfink's album

Memory of Holland / Herinnering aan Holland - written/geschreven in 1936 I shall translate this well known poem for you. It deals with everything that is so typical for Holland and that is remembered by those who spent part of their life here and now live abroad. I love this poem very much, and I regret that I cannot translate it well enough to completely convey to you the music and rythm of its lines. H. Marsman (1899-1940) Denkend aan Holland/ zie ik brede rivieren/ traag door oneindig/ laagland gaan,/ rijen ondenkbaar/ ijle populieren/ als hoge pluimen/ aan de einder staan;/ en in de geweldige/ ruimte verzonken/ de boerderijen/ verspreid door het land,/ boomgroepen, dorpen, geknotte torens,/ kerken en olmen/ in een groots verband./ De lucht hangt er laag/ en de zon wordt er langzaam/ in grijze veelkleurige/ dampen gesmoord,/ en in alle gewesten/ wordt de stem van het water/ met zijn eeuwige rampen/ gevreesd en gehoord./ Thinking of Holland/ I see wide rivers/ Move slowly through/ Low lands never ending/ Rows of unthinkably/ Slender poplars/ Stand like large plumes/ At the horizon;/ And sunk in the enormous/ space/ are farmhouses/ Spread throughout the country,/ groups of trees, villages,/ flattened towers,/ churches and elms/ in one great connection./ The sky hangs low over there/ And the sun is slowly smothered/ In grey many coloured/ damps,/ And in all the provinces/ Is the voice of the water/ With its eternal disasters/ feared and heard./