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Holland - North Sea & Dunes - annaschnitfink's album

The North Sea - Holland's gateway to the world has always been of utmost importance to our seafaring nation. The dunes - so close to the North Sea - and all the space you have got there in this densely populated country, are special. They stretch themselves out all along the Dutch coast (over a length of 360 kilometers). They are ideal for (nordic) walking, jogging, and biking. Their most important function is, however, that they protect our small country against the immense forces of the North Sea. There is one important and high row of dunes where you are not allowed to go, except for some narrow passages leading to the beach. These dunes keep the sea out and away! One fourth of Holland also called The Netherlands = The low Lands = Niederlande = Pays Bas = Paesos Bajos lies below sea level. A combined system of dykes and dunes and Delta Works (in the province of Zealand) takes care of it that our feet stay dry.