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... lovefriday ...
Love to people, to ethnicum, to HUMAN, to country, to work, to ART, to human right ...

My best friend, international respectable artist /artistic work with stone and wood/ with his darling dog MORE /in gypsy HUMAN/ on a walk in Prague park Kampa.

He went with More to Jerusalem where filched this nice dog three russian bandit on street from TRAM station. With love for my friend, where is just in UK /alone/.

Romani Holocaust
Official complaint against Czech war criminal

See photo of monument of author Romani sculptor Eduard Oláh

On April 4, 1997, a group of Romani and non-Romani citizens lodged an
official complaint against Josef Hejduk, who Is presumed to be the
last surviving guard from the internment camp at Lety, established by
the Czech government in 1940 for the detention of Roma. In addition to
the complaint (printed In full below), Romani activist Ľubomir Zubák
also filed an official complaint against Hejduk on June 6. In related
developments, plans are being developed for the construction of a
monument at the site of another Czech Internment camp in Hodonín, in
southern Moravia. Romani sculptor Eduard Oláh has been commissioned to
produce the work, which Is being partially financed by the Brno Museum
of Romani Culture.


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Comments on this photo:

Nov 24 2006 13:39 GMT EuCarlosFilipe
Wonderful feeling....Great entry
Nov 24 2006 13:50 GMT charlotte
vvery nice
Nov 24 2006 14:23 GMT marijke06
huge picture on my screen, I almost couldn't find the place to write my comment....nice love shot! :)
Nov 24 2006 15:11 GMT sini
lovely entry!
Nov 24 2006 15:22 GMT jomoud PRO
wonderful sensitive entry
and thank you for the information
Nov 24 2006 17:47 GMT csabi
very nice entry !
Nov 24 2006 18:03 GMT gmastro
great shot and expressive!
Nov 24 2006 21:40 GMT nanstrom
What a beautiful tribute to your friend and to More.
I believe that every nation, big or small, has a black period in their history. Would it not be great if every nation, big or small, would have a 'peaceful' period and all at the same time! What a wonderful world we could enjoy.

Nov 24 2006 21:42 GMT Auiam
You have fantastic entries! You make the terrible historical facts more impressive through real people.
Nov 24 2006 22:29 GMT abojovna PRO
THANKS very much! Today´s theme is LOVE. I love life, i love REAL people! My credo for LOVE is AGAPE, you cann read this a my profil, but many times i was a failure ... again...head up ... for LOVE!
Nov 25 2006 03:01 GMT Milibuh
This is a great shot with great words for this day !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nov 25 2006 03:03 GMT jceca PRO
this is so special entry.... touching .....
wonderful !!!!!