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Despite the outrageous disgrace what they make us our politicians,officials and some "citizens" is beautiful here and love my country!
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Comments on this photo:

Jun 19 2013 13:52 GMT senna3
Hello Claudia, enjoy your summer treat!
And remember that each country now and then has similar incidents you are referring to!
Jun 19 2013 14:16 GMT abojovna PRO
Thank you , Peter, you are right, but this is "my" country ! Shame!
Jun 19 2013 14:17 GMT ujbanyiv
Nice Portrait Photo...
Jun 19 2013 15:22 GMT Lalbabu
Agree with senna3,we feel like you in India too.
Jun 19 2013 15:33 GMT abojovna PRO
Cherchez la Femme ... and Money !
Jun 19 2013 17:23 GMT Annamaria
Nice portrait of you, Claudia!! You are clearly enjoying the nice weather!! ;-)
Jun 19 2013 17:43 GMT abojovna PRO
Thank you, Annamaria :-)
Jun 19 2013 17:47 GMT bandsix
Keep on enjoying it, Claudia......:)
Jun 19 2013 17:51 GMT ForestSpirit
I know how you feel, Claudia - similar things have happened here. We just have to surround ourselves with decent people and enjoy what's good about our countries!
Nice photo, by the way.
Jun 19 2013 18:14 GMT Papagena
Great to see you enjoying a sunny moment Claudia !! Furthermore I just agree with Peter !!..........
Jun 19 2013 18:15 GMT abojovna PRO
Thank you Sylvia for understanding and support!
Jun 19 2013 19:05 GMT wijnie58
Cheers and enjoy your sunny day., Claudia..:-))
Jun 20 2013 21:58 GMT larrybenedict
I listen to CNN and NBC in addition to reading the paper and I have not heard any negatives about your country. I suppose we have our own problems with the poiticians here who do not seem to be "the best and brightest." I think our Congress has an 'approval rating" among our people of less than 10%.
Jun 20 2013 22:17 GMT abojovna PRO
Thats better. Larry! We watching, of course, the situation in USA with great interest.
For us by some politicians and their friends like to come back to communist times, but with corruption, which allows freedom. They violate laws, but do not go to jail,conversely arresting innocent.
Jun 21 2013 02:34 GMT Petermosull
Great to see you. It is so interesting reading your comments and the comments of everyone else. It seems to me that in all societies you have the privaliged, the politicians, then you have the poor, underprivaliged people and these groups contribute so much to how our society's are percieved, BUT we, the greater group, who represent the middle ground seem to suffer most and comment most, but little or nothing ever gets done to address our concerns.
Jun 21 2013 10:31 GMT abojovna PRO
It is sad when people are helpless against the power of money.
On the other hand, it is very sad when armed government strikes against the people.
Jun 21 2013 21:02 GMT nanstrom
Hi Claudia, you look so relaxed in this beautiful setting. Wish I were there to enjoy your company.
I just came by to say hello to some friends here on photothing. And I consider you one of my dearest pt friends.
It appears that the governments of the world are making it very difficult for the regular folks everywhere. But some countries are suffering much more than others.
I am so thankful that I have met so many beautiful people all around the world through PT. It allows me to know that all countries have wonderful citizens that would promote peace and tranquility for all.
Jun 21 2013 23:00 GMT abojovna PRO
I am very grateful for the ability to share on social networks friendships with so many wonderful people from all over The World.
I am very grateful that I my head in my age permits to remember English words.
I feel happy to be among you.
Jun 22 2013 21:31 GMT inna68
Nice to see you!
Jun 22 2013 22:33 GMT abojovna PRO
Thank you Inna!
Jun 23 2013 22:08 GMT larrybenedict
Claudia, it is the same around the world. International bankers control everything including the politicians. I suppose it has always been this way, but we hear more about the privileged few because of the 24 hour news cycle which repeats the same news about every 15 minutes...all the networks and cable news report the same limited news. The poor may always be with us, but the middle class in my country is slowly disappearing into the working poor class. I suppose we can always hope things will change for the better. There are so many people now compared to population numbers when we were children. We need governments, but the most pressing need seems to be in educating the ignorant. That will take time. I can see some progress on that front, but it is very slow. I find satisfaction in believing in Divine justice,Karma or the law of cause and effect (all the same) will punish the wicked.
There is no debt in the universe that ever goes unpaid.....in this life or another, some say.
Jun 23 2013 22:18 GMT abojovna PRO
Larry: I firmly believe in the karmic laws.