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Mural depicting a dogman riding a crane - November 2011
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Comments on this photo:

Nov 27 2011 15:56 GMT Annamaria
Nice art...;-) You find so many of these beautiful walls, Steve!!
Nov 27 2011 16:44 GMT Xaragma
Thanks Annamaria - it caught my eye as they are part of history now - too dangerous!
Dec 01 2011 17:36 GMT legs4daze PRO
lovely mural on the brick; sorry for my ignorance, Steve; what is too dangerous now, the cranes? what is a dogman?
Dec 02 2011 02:48 GMT Xaragma
The dogman was the person who rode with the crane's load up to where it was needed - I don't think they had much safety gear, so it was fatal if they fell off. Might be called something else in the US.
Dec 02 2011 02:52 GMT Xaragma
A bit more on the dogman - apparently the title remains, but he now stays in contact with the crane driver by radio, instead of going up with the load ...


[The dogman is the assistant of the crane operator, responsible for assuring that the load is safely on the crane’s hooking and then directing the crane operator by radio when it can be raised and advising him until the load is properly placed for the riggers to remove it from the hook.]
Dec 02 2011 16:50 GMT legs4daze PRO
very interesting, good link, i love this part "No safety belt, nothing but good Aussie guts." and it would certainly take a lot of guts. i have a friend who is a tower crane operator here in portland, MAN has he ever taken some awesome photographs! sunsets and sunrises that are spectacular to say the least! every day he climbs all the way to the top of the crane and stays up there a full 8 hours before coming back down. good old oregon guts ;-)
Dec 03 2011 16:42 GMT Xaragma
Thanks Steph - I envy your tower crane friend & the fantastic views, but I get dizzy at very low levels. I wondered whether they climbed down for meal breaks & so on, so you have answered that question - a ten or more storey climb more than twice a day would be a killer. True guts in Oregon or anywhere! :)

Some views from the top of the crane on the department store site I am following, definitely not taken by me!