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Photos 1891 - 1895 of 2003
Marine military hero memorytuesday Memorial Hemet Pankey Bardwell

736 views 5 people's favourite photo

Retired U.S. Marine Gunnery Sergeant Edward S. Bardwell of Hemet, California, doing what he loves to do---wear his uniform at public events commemorating the military in one form or another. Note the Purple Heart and rugged hands of a warrior comforting a child.
He spent 37 years on active duty and still provides a military presence at funerals of veterans of any service. It's men like this that makes our country strong.
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Comments on this photo:

May 31 2011 02:04 GMT porph
Every lil darling need her dad at home...
May 31 2011 02:23 GMT hans55 PRO
very touching picture ...whats the story behind it ?
May 31 2011 03:24 GMT Pea2007
Now thats what I would call a hero and greatly captured.
May 31 2011 03:59 GMT PhotoPro PRO
this is priceless Jim - and he is indeed a person to be treasured and honored

we watched a special about Gettysburg and what specifically lead to the words Lincoln used for the most significant speech in the USA

You and Pat have a wonderful Holiday and week
May 31 2011 04:50 GMT Annamaria
Thats a soldier by heart.... a soldier till he dies... I hope there will be some (old) soldiers to salute him when he passed away....

I love the way you caught his old hand on the young girls shoulders.... it tels the story of life!!
May 31 2011 10:00 GMT Petermosull
Super image Jim, I agree with Annamaria, the hand on the shoulder tells you everything.
May 31 2011 11:10 GMT Jakeobean
Jim....what a tribute to this wonderful soldier.....May we never forget the people who ensure we have freedom....
May 31 2011 11:27 GMT clintonfolks
I love it. going to my favs.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
May 31 2011 12:45 GMT T1MELESS PRO
A great capture Jim the contrast of old and young is well defined here with old hands on young sholders and the look of trust on the childs face.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
May 31 2011 13:54 GMT martini957
FANTASTIC.....Favorite for sure!!!!
May 31 2011 17:41 GMT bandsix
A wonderful portrait to be proud of Jim...
May 31 2011 17:54 GMT FRIESIAN
Just amazing!! Very special moment!
May 31 2011 18:53 GMT Kaska
I noticed the hands... usually the first thing I look at when meeting new people.
Hands with character, they say a lot. so does the expression on the girls face, or rather her body language.
thank you for sharing.
May 31 2011 18:54 GMT best20
Great (human) photo!
May 31 2011 20:05 GMT dougrun PRO
Amazing and touching image! Especially on Memorial Day. What an honorable and selfless thing to do!! Once a Marine, always a Marine! Semper Fi!!
May 31 2011 20:54 GMT superJoan
Very emotional Jim
May 31 2011 22:38 GMT megmet PRO
I've always liked this photo Jim.....one of your best!
Jun 02 2011 09:15 GMT twsottawan PRO
Great photo. Almost forty years of military service? Hope it wasn't all gun fighting and death dealing.
Jun 03 2011 02:22 GMT beady
nice capture
Jun 03 2011 16:39 GMT anko
wonderful capture!
Jun 04 2011 09:43 GMT CH1988
Great photo!
Jun 07 2011 17:09 GMT jomoud PRO
Jun 07 2011 18:22 GMT saffi9
there was no need for any words the picture says everything - fantastic
Jun 18 2011 23:48 GMT cking
Nice phojo.
Jun 10 2014 18:11 GMT Labkhand
Nice Photo
Oct 29 2014 11:20 GMT gtc126
Fabulous Memory, Wonderful Entry, Thanks for Sharing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!