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Photos 1821 - 1825 of 2003

1281 views 10 people's favourite photo

Pretty good-sized (40-to-50-foot diameter estimated) dust devil near the Hemet-Ryan airport this afternoon.
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Comments on this photo:

May 18 2010 23:37 GMT hans55 PRO
amazing nature !!!
May 18 2010 23:44 GMT JPHarr
Wow - we might call that a tornado around here!
May 19 2010 00:04 GMT Annamaria
Woe... stunning look! ;-))
May 19 2010 01:56 GMT pjjking
May 19 2010 02:56 GMT LittleOurkie PRO
That is truly cool!!! Excellent.
May 19 2010 03:33 GMT rosyapple PRO
Impressive photo!
May 19 2010 04:48 GMT sini
Wow! Amazing!:)
May 19 2010 05:06 GMT jamby PRO
yuck!!! but this gives you a spectacular and stunning subject to photograph, almost like an abstract art...
May 19 2010 06:09 GMT ujbanyiv
Excellent and Awesome Nature Photo.
May 19 2010 06:19 GMT beady
Wow, awesome capture
May 19 2010 06:23 GMT yvon
May 19 2010 07:32 GMT ThorBeverley PRO
Wow - that is quite something!
May 19 2010 07:39 GMT Midworlder PRO
Am I allowed to say Holy Shit ! on this website ... oh what the heck .... Holy Shit !

And a favourite !
May 19 2010 08:12 GMT Pea2007
Well and truly awesome.
May 19 2010 08:41 GMT bandsix
Amazing capture....wow!
May 19 2010 11:20 GMT spideyj
Stunning catch!!!
May 19 2010 11:26 GMT sunrise99
unique capture!
May 19 2010 11:29 GMT MargNZ
Awesome power ... I have to agree with Roger ;)
May 19 2010 16:48 GMT Lensvision
May 19 2010 16:56 GMT Papagena
Impressive capture, and no association with the volcano output..............
May 19 2010 17:58 GMT FRIESIAN
Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!! What an amazing picture!! You were on the right time on the right place!!
May 19 2010 18:35 GMT SomersetDreams
Oh wow....what a stunning capture!! Must have been awesome to witness this in the flesh! :)
May 19 2010 18:36 GMT Wildspirit PRO
Serendipity placed me there.
May 19 2010 18:41 GMT Wildspirit PRO
Hee hee. Holy shit is what I thought--I was coming back from one of my favorite photo sites and saw this in my rearview mirror. I pulled off the road by the airport and found that I had pulled off at the right place, the unharvested crop and worked over field were at the perfect angle. I got a few shots of the phenomenon but this was the best, at the moment it crossed from the worked over field to the grain. It dissipated quickly then.
May 19 2010 19:37 GMT lossieloon
Right time and right place!!! Amazing capture but I imagine quite scary to see :-))
May 19 2010 23:53 GMT Cooler PRO
Fantastic capture here Jim ;-)))
May 20 2010 07:33 GMT NicsPics PRO
Incredible!!!! :-o Did you run very fast after taking this? lol
May 20 2010 15:10 GMT Lalbabu
Stunning shot!!!
May 20 2010 19:26 GMT derkz
Get out of my way
Stunning picture.
May 20 2010 22:33 GMT aquiles PRO
May 21 2010 03:46 GMT GraniteRoad
Neat pic!
May 21 2010 11:14 GMT leonistik
wow, this is just amazing, i'd love to experience that first hand, the picture is fantastic
May 21 2010 12:39 GMT Koren
WOW - thats an amazing shot, I would like to see one but maybe with a zoom lens!!
May 21 2010 17:40 GMT pauli3522
May 22 2010 12:44 GMT zanegol
Impressive and sooo daring. Very well done!!!
May 22 2010 22:57 GMT verarenm
I don't know what it is but I know it was a object for a great photo. Well done!
May 23 2010 04:05 GMT Wildspirit PRO
Vera, it's an atmospheric phenomenon of heat/rising air similar to a tornado but commonly called a dust devil or whirlwind...saw a dozen of them at once in Mexico just south of El Paso, Texas, they appear and disappear. This was by far the largest I had ever seen, right here in Hemet, California.
May 23 2010 13:48 GMT shellybegood
truly incredible..............
May 23 2010 19:38 GMT verarenm
Thanks Jim for your explanation. I had never seeing this phenomenon. I think in Brazil we don't have it.
May 24 2010 16:41 GMT anko
wooow! great capture!
May 25 2010 02:53 GMT hbla PRO
holy cow mister!
what absolute excellent action!

the story reminds me of visiting Utah when I was a kid, we were swimming in Salt Lake and there was this water spout and it was huge! and reached up the sky! apparently as harmless as a dust devil because while I was having my kid heart attack no one else seemed to care lol.
May 29 2010 17:32 GMT Danijela
Impressive capture!:)
Jun 01 2010 19:44 GMT carla53
wow very cool
Jun 05 2010 02:21 GMT iyerhari
great shot!!!!!!!!
Jun 05 2010 07:17 GMT soldier
Great capture!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jun 05 2010 10:40 GMT Riet
Awe! That is quite spectacular! Great shot!
Jun 06 2010 15:40 GMT bennystr
Impressive shot!
Jun 12 2010 05:56 GMT cking
Great weather shot Jim. Send it to the paper?
Jun 12 2010 09:47 GMT Wildspirit PRO
Chet, it was broadcast on the ABC News channel (KABC7, Los Angeles) on the 6pm weathercast with Dallas Raines a coupe of weeks ago. Several of my friends saw it and commented.
Jun 12 2010 14:57 GMT FRIESIAN
What an amazing shot!!!!!!You were on the right moment on the right place!!
Aug 17 2010 15:39 GMT qtreiber
great picture
Nov 10 2010 23:20 GMT pjjking
Awesome shot
Jan 19 2011 20:49 GMT lizzieb
WOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Feb 04 2011 14:07 GMT ForestSpirit PRO
Wow - a really amazing sight!