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Photos 1341 - 1345 of 2003

4799 views 10 people's favourite photo

Father and son resting between dances at the Soboba Powwow BEST viewed at ORIGINAL size plus, Native American tribes come together to celebrate their traditions and share their wisdom with all of us. It's a heartwarming experience! For permission and instructions to print for noncommercial purposes, email jpankey@gmail.com. All rights reserved.
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Comments on this photo:

Sep 24 2007 04:43 GMT CH1988
Nice picture!
Sep 24 2007 04:53 GMT gtc126
Super Shot....I will be looking for more of the Powwow Shots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sep 24 2007 05:00 GMT elbeaver
Sep 24 2007 05:30 GMT sini
Great colourful shot!:)
Sep 24 2007 05:33 GMT PhotoPro PRO
Jim - everything about this shot is superb - composition, detail, lighting - I can't say enough about it.....
you could sell this to them to use for adverts!!!
Sep 24 2007 05:39 GMT shaista
like the shot
Sep 24 2007 05:41 GMT paintpictures
wow wow wow ..stunning shot
Sep 24 2007 07:02 GMT roncarlin PRO
I agree with Bill (photoPro). Your going to have to let me know when this affair happens. I love Indian culture and would love to get so photos in their native clothing.
ron c
Sep 24 2007 07:44 GMT Satto
Absolutly stunning shot...cool and beautiful work:-)
Sep 24 2007 15:58 GMT Poulet PRO
Great shot, Jim! :))
Sep 24 2007 16:04 GMT jceca PRO
fantastic !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sep 24 2007 16:20 GMT PinkPepperPhoto PRO
Where is this Pow Wow? beautiful fotos
Sep 24 2007 18:45 GMT DragonSpeed PRO
Well composed!

Did you find you needed much post processing on the shots? Or were conditions such that straight up worked well?
Sep 24 2007 23:26 GMT mavik
Beautifully composed! Love of the father and son can be felt through this image.
Sep 25 2007 02:02 GMT lumaciel
Wow !!!
Sep 25 2007 02:32 GMT hbla PRO
oh wow........I can't believe I missed this!!! really beautiful!
Sep 25 2007 06:29 GMT Dorado
Sep 25 2007 07:15 GMT Peixy
Love the people, love the shot.....love them all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sep 25 2007 19:29 GMT Tavascarow
Awesome series Jim.
I will look closer another time but I need to eat & sleep.
Slide show was amazing.
Sep 26 2007 02:50 GMT snowbird
I just had to put it in my favorite, bravo!
Oct 11 2007 18:53 GMT grenthal
this series in really touching! I love it so much!
thank you for this!
Oct 15 2007 07:47 GMT teddybear2
This series is amazing. your ability to capture the people is great. I have added to my favourites. Wish I could have been there as the native American people have always fascinated me. Just a wee bit to far away from New Zealand though.
Nov 19 2007 03:06 GMT Wildspirit PRO
Nov 19 2007 05:49 GMT thehousekeeper
a very colourful image! loved your archive!
Nov 30 2007 21:54 GMT Loula
amazing series :o)
Mar 19 2008 12:27 GMT Donoma
This photo let me wonder what the father told to his son. Their customs and cultures have handed down like this way... What a great shot!
Aug 20 2008 23:55 GMT marre

my fav