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Photos 1416 - 1420 of 2003

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Coulson MARS air tanker taxies in after first mission against wildfires in southern California. The aircraft is a vintage wwII workhorse and former queen of the skies, with passenger service from Honolulu to San Francisco, now serving with COULSON AIR TANKERS in British Columbia, Canada. The appearance of this aircraft helped the effort in fighting the many southern California wildfires was a godsend. BEST viewed at ORIGINAL size--and many kudos to the Canadian company.
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Comments on this photo:

Oct 31 2007 09:54 GMT Midworlder PRO
It is a great sight
Oct 31 2007 10:23 GMT hans55 PRO
was this a Panam clipper ???
great series !!!
Oct 31 2007 11:01 GMT sini
Great capture!:)
Oct 31 2007 12:01 GMT Mafernandes
Oct 31 2007 12:22 GMT CH1988
Great picture!!
Oct 31 2007 12:33 GMT granitbiscut
Oct 31 2007 13:25 GMT merce
very impressive!!!!
Oct 31 2007 13:33 GMT LisaSam67
so cool
Oct 31 2007 13:35 GMT Wildspirit PRO
Good morning!
Oct 31 2007 13:40 GMT LisaSam67
lol i'm so wiped out this morning HAHAHA
paying for 6 hours of sleep LMAO
how are you guys this lovely halloween morning
Oct 31 2007 13:52 GMT Wildspirit PRO
I went to bed but didn't sleep--the DirecTV guy is coming this morning so I have things to do for a while but I'll talk to you later. Leaving the computer on, defragging the drives.
Oct 31 2007 14:01 GMT LisaSam67
yup.... kids to force into getting dressed for school here LMAO.....
reminds me of the Bill Cosby joke... The Same Thing Happens Every Night (and morning haha)
have a great day Jim
Oct 31 2007 16:44 GMT DragonSpeed PRO
Oh Canada! :)
Oct 31 2007 19:55 GMT bennystr
Wonderful on-going series!
Oct 31 2007 21:20 GMT gtc126
Super Close-Up!!!!
Oct 31 2007 21:22 GMT gtc126
This is a Fantastic Series Of Planes......Thanks for Sharing Jim!!!!
Oct 31 2007 23:48 GMT cking
Nice shot.
Nov 03 2007 04:15 GMT wifey
Nov 03 2007 13:03 GMT Petra17
Thanks for posting these pictures...well done..That is what good neighbours are all about.
In 1998, we had an very bad ice storm and I remember the crews coming over from New York and Maine to give us a hand . I don't know what we would have done whit out them...
Nov 03 2007 13:16 GMT Wildspirit PRO
who needs FEMA? I think it should be disbanded altogether.
Nov 04 2007 21:09 GMT Yermanie
Interesting view.
Nov 06 2007 13:15 GMT junne PRO
awesome, also quiet a courageous job of the pilots not only because of the dangerous mission, but the age of the aircraft as well
Nov 06 2007 13:19 GMT Wildspirit PRO
There's a graphic illustration of the danger (maybe it's on YouTube) of a C-130 firefighter suffering structural failure in its wing and going down with all hands.
Nov 07 2007 19:52 GMT jenylew

Superb series...As Mom said above, thats what neighbors are for! :-)
Nov 07 2007 22:49 GMT LisaSam67
my friend in Vancouver were talking on the phone today and I told her about your pics and emailed your page to her.... she LOVED your pictures!!!!!!!!

she emailed me this link.... their official website for these beautiful planes

enjoy :-)
Nov 09 2007 00:59 GMT nicoalfredo
INTERESTING SERIES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nov 09 2007 04:04 GMT Wildspirit PRO
Lisa, thanks---that's a great site! I had written to Coulson thanking them.
Nov 09 2007 04:06 GMT Wildspirit PRO
I learned the value of good neighbors from my grandfather's friends in a small town in Illinois.
Nov 11 2007 09:49 GMT miclar
Great shot, and a very good series.
Nov 14 2007 09:00 GMT vic242
excellent series! and great picture. i've never seen a plane like this before
Nov 26 2007 09:36 GMT D13TH
first time to see this plane.
Nov 30 2007 19:08 GMT PaP67
the reference in fire fighting CANADAIR's YES !