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Ritual Dance In The Mountain Winter--look human, don't they?
View at ORIGINAL size please...
I took a different route Thursday and drove through Nuevo, towards Juniper Flats along the mountain road...and found a small grove of (avocado?) trees being protected from the cold...I thought they were human at first...weird.
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Comments on this photo:

Dec 15 2006 10:39 GMT Molivac
Stunning image !!!!
Dec 15 2006 12:32 GMT Tavascarow
Nice to know ours isn't the only country where you have to wrap up warm.
Dec 15 2006 14:11 GMT Satto
Amazing.....and great image....:-)
Dec 16 2006 08:47 GMT losp

Looking great in full View original ..
very informative .. thanks for sharing
this incredible ritual dance, brilliantly
composed and captured !!!
Dec 16 2006 18:33 GMT ashdad PRO
Fascinating! We use burlap around here.
Dec 16 2006 22:04 GMT JJAP
At first sight I thought they were dancers!!!
Dec 17 2006 14:45 GMT Minz PRO
Very interesting !
Dec 17 2006 23:05 GMT bennystr
Fantastic indeed!
Dec 18 2006 05:36 GMT hamrahi
Very interesting::::::::::::::::::::::::;;
Dec 18 2006 22:10 GMT PaP67
excellent !
stunning picture, looks like as an african tribal dance YES !
good reflex to have captet this instant !
Dec 19 2006 01:18 GMT jceca PRO
same as JJAP and some others ..... :-)
wonderful find !!!!!!!!!!
Dec 19 2006 04:46 GMT karlbark
Same as others I actually thought they were what it said in the first part of the caption! I saw this picture (small size) a couple of days ago, but was momentarily a bit confused today when I saw it again and discovered that they were not dancers after all :-D

Best regards,
Karl Trausti from Iceland
Jan 14 2007 11:32 GMT linnywv PRO
Laughing....avacado or figs....my mother used to wrap her fig tree like that...used to embarass us as kids!
Jan 21 2007 23:49 GMT MoonDew
Yep, they had me fooled too. At first glance I thought they were people.
Feb 01 2008 20:18 GMT Peixy
very interesting.
Aug 07 2012 14:31 GMT 25barb
Very clever in your observation and presentation. I thought at first that they were
sculptures...We see the same thing in Florida when we have a cold winter... Everything seems to get covered..Looks like a ghost town...
Very well done.