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Out walking to Sutton Salt Lake near Middlemarch, Otago, New Zealand, in better weather earlier this year, we crossed this bridge of planks. I am guessing the dip in the ground under it makes it essential in wet weather. Seemed so out of place.
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Comments on this photo:

Aug 01 2008 07:58 GMT hans55 PRO
looks a little useless to me ! :-)
a very nice place !!!
Aug 01 2008 13:25 GMT jomoud PRO
A beautiful capture and excellent entry.
Have a wonderful weekend.
Aug 01 2008 17:50 GMT branca
superb entry, love the idea
Aug 01 2008 19:23 GMT LizSA
interesting..... maybe it is to walk on it.. :-)) I mean to safe the
vegetation... maybe a experiment >>>> !!!
Aug 01 2008 22:24 GMT Weesue
It was a bit odd, Hans55. The reeds growing along the side give a clue as to how wet it gets. I believe when it rains a lot, the area it is built over is very swampy.
Aug 01 2008 22:25 GMT Weesue
Thanks LizSA, someone told me that after a lot of rain it is needed as a bridge. It is planks of wood and covered in a wire mesh to prevent slipping in the wet. Definitely for walking on.
Aug 02 2008 00:55 GMT dougrun PRO
Looks funny in dry weather, like a bridge form nowhere to nowhere! Now, after all your rain, would be the time to confirm your idea! ??
Aug 02 2008 01:22 GMT Weesue
If it was closer to home I would throw on my gumboots and go trekking to see. Maybe a wallow in the mud while i'm there.
Aug 02 2008 01:38 GMT dougrun PRO
Mudwallowing can be fun! But in the winter?? I think not :-))
Aug 02 2008 04:58 GMT Weesue
We are bred tough down here.
Aug 04 2008 01:04 GMT LizSA
You are bred tough..... :-))) COOL... :-)