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Driving in the rain. Got this shot between wiper strokes.
No, I wasn't driving, I was the passenger!
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Comments on this photo:

Jul 12 2007 05:34 GMT Kurt
Great entry..;-)
I'm sorry to say, that our weather is exactly like this - even if we should have summer now..:-((
Jul 12 2007 06:20 GMT Weesue
Thanks Kurt. It had snowed in the night, one night back in June, so we headed for the hills for a look. Unable to get far, we turned back and it started raining. As it is Winter, it is OK weather. Not as wild and woolly as the upper North Island is getting. We have had more snow on the hills recently but not on the flat where I live. I was going to put up the pics I took of the snow we did get but was afraid I would be laughed at.
Jul 12 2007 06:25 GMT Kurt
Nahh...why should people laugh of your snowpictures...
I love snow myself...just not in our summer, haha..
Have a great day/evening down there..;-)
Jul 12 2007 07:38 GMT Midworlder PRO
Fits the theme indeed
Jul 12 2007 13:46 GMT hallo
Nice entry!
Jul 12 2007 14:43 GMT sini
So good we have glass:)) Nice entry!
Jul 12 2007 18:03 GMT irashid
Excellent Entry For the Galss friday !!!

So nicely Captured !!!!
Jul 12 2007 20:26 GMT Weesue
I think people will laugh because the snowfall at my place looks almost like a heavy frost. It is really pathetic. Worth a giggle though so I might just put them up.
Jul 12 2007 20:29 GMT Weesue
Thank you. I am still learning and the support and encouragement I get from your comments is great.
Jul 12 2007 21:45 GMT adria
excellent entry !
Jul 13 2007 02:01 GMT Poulet PRO
This is so cool!
I love to take pic from my car too...and yes, I'm a passenger!
Original and great idea entry! :))
Jul 13 2007 02:33 GMT jomoud PRO
Great shot and entry.
Well done
Have a wonderful weekend!
Jul 13 2007 02:40 GMT Weesue
Thank you. I have a tendency to take a lot of shots which are basically point and shoot, then see what we get. Seems to work well.
Jul 13 2007 02:40 GMT Weesue
Thank you. A safe and happy weekend to everyone.
Jul 13 2007 05:38 GMT senna3
At least it provided you with a great entry!
Jul 13 2007 06:46 GMT rainbow71
Great shot, hope the weather is improving, it has here finally.
Jul 13 2007 07:43 GMT nzshutter PRO
Another great piece of work sis!! I am going to have to get out more and practice filming the unusual! Great entry. :)
Jul 13 2007 22:23 GMT LizSA
Beautiful entry.......you go ahead....and load that snow photo's.....
we would like to see it.....!!