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Comments on this photo:

May 18 2006 08:09 GMT Y5
konnici wa! :)
no namae wa dora desu.
annata no onamae wa nan desu ka? hihi

cool bus!......and building!
May 18 2006 09:02 GMT Waka
Good Japanes!

Watashi no namae wa Waka desu.

Here is Shinjyuku in Tokyo.
This building name is Keio a department store.
I saw the bus for the first time,too:)

May 18 2006 10:10 GMT Y5
watashi wa nihongo o sugoshi hanashimasu...
it's my dream to go to Japan to see the architecture
so i practise my japanese :)
May 18 2006 10:11 GMT Nespolo
:))))) do you know also japanese Y5 ?!?? I'm impressed !!!
May 18 2006 10:28 GMT Y5
5 languages Nesp........even though my german nearly doesn't count.....and
i definetly cannot count my japanese yet, all i know is on this page... :))
May 18 2006 10:56 GMT Waka

if you want to speak Japanese, please contact me by skype :)


I'm also impressed, your comment :)

May 18 2006 11:11 GMT Y5
okey, thanks, i'll remember that, just need to practise some more first! :)

tanoshii ichi nichi o, arigato gozaimashita! hihi
May 18 2006 11:16 GMT Waka
kochirakoso! hehe
May 18 2006 11:32 GMT Y5
Dewa mata!

May 18 2006 17:03 GMT Nespolo
thanks waka...but my japanese is near the zero !!!! =))