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Comments on this photo:

Oct 20 2006 20:55 GMT colinjones25
Oct 20 2006 20:56 GMT LylaG
love the vintage effect on this....
Oct 20 2006 20:58 GMT suzannesmash
Yes I like it too...just perfect! But I cant stop wondering about..whats to the left on the floor...
Oct 20 2006 21:02 GMT Aviator
very beautiful work ............................ :o)
Oct 20 2006 21:03 GMT VinceHopson1
If you and Colin had bothered to turn up, you could have picked it up and checked it out.
I had two pints of Guinness waiting for you both.
Had to drink em myself.
Oct 20 2006 21:07 GMT suzannesmash
Sooo therefor you dropped something on the floor. I BET you used a tripod too. But damn..what is it
I sooo SOOO want my GUINNESS...
Oct 20 2006 21:12 GMT VinceHopson1
It's probably a gold nugget or something.
You often find them a lying round outside the saloon when everyone's had his fill of ale and whisky galore.
It was almost pitch black ,so I didn't even notice it.
You can bet your boots that I'll be up there at sun-up to see if 'n' it's still there.
Oct 20 2006 21:17 GMT Archer
Surely a stunner! Great work!
Oct 20 2006 22:59 GMT INCOGNITO
I like Beethoven's 9th myself.
Oct 20 2006 23:17 GMT VinceHopson1
Me too...
I haven't played it for months.
I think I'll go and put it on now.
I have a couple by Herbert Von Karajan and the Toscanini.(CDs)
But my most memorable is the first I ever bought,
Sir Georg Solti with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra.
Alas, I only have it on vinyl and I can't be bothered searching the attic for it.
I have looked for years for a CD version.
I'll find it one day.
Oct 20 2006 23:35 GMT Levistrauss PRO
Oct 21 2006 08:49 GMT VinceHopson1
Oct 21 2006 10:56 GMT LizSA
stunning photo....why not order the CD on the internet...or what about Argos..

it is ARGOS...or am I mistaken...only been in England over Christmas..forgot
a bit...!!!
Oct 21 2006 11:30 GMT VinceHopson1
Argos don't do CDs...
Everything but...
Thanks, I may try the internet.
Oct 21 2006 16:59 GMT grep
wonderful photo
Oct 21 2006 17:36 GMT Nigel001
great b&w, gooood job!
Oct 21 2006 19:18 GMT sweetjane
great quality
Nov 03 2006 19:54 GMT nika70
How nice!! Excellent shot!!
Apr 21 2010 06:16 GMT ujbanyiv
Great Artistic Photo.