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Couldn't find a clean spoon...
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Comments on this photo:

Oct 20 2006 14:43 GMT Urselle
hahaha great! love this!
Oct 20 2006 14:44 GMT jceca PRO
fantassssssssstic idea, as always !!!!
gret job !!!! :)
Oct 20 2006 14:49 GMT Yannick
That's hilarious aside from a well taken photo.
Oct 20 2006 15:01 GMT Scarlett PRO
Big One !!! Wonderful photo !!
Oct 20 2006 15:34 GMT DavidNewland PRO
That's the strangest thing I've seen all day !
Nicely done ;)
Oct 20 2006 16:14 GMT JotaBoyJon
A great take on a toe in the water!
Oct 20 2006 16:20 GMT suzannesmash
My espresso!!
Oct 20 2006 16:24 GMT VinceHopson1
Want one ???
Oct 20 2006 16:29 GMT suzannesmash
Oh dear, please yes thank You. And I can even have some tea, I do prefer Earl grey with a lil liiil darjeeling in..
And, after that beer and smoke.
Oct 20 2006 16:41 GMT LizSA
ohohohoh..use a knife or a fork....did you just have a pedicure...!!!
Oct 20 2006 16:43 GMT VinceHopson1
I'll pop the kettle on love...
bring your own feet.
Oct 20 2006 16:46 GMT VinceHopson1
@ LizSa...
A knife or a fork ?
to stir my coffee ?
Unthinkable !
Oct 20 2006 16:50 GMT suzannesmash
hahahaha..my own? they are to small, i need 4 in one beer
Oct 20 2006 17:27 GMT VinceHopson1
Actually LizSA...
I did shave my hairy toes and the top of my foot just for this shot.
I could never drink anything that has a hair in it.
Oct 20 2006 18:05 GMT Malaria
oh my god,iam still laughing ..... thats... no you are unbelievable :))))
Oct 20 2006 18:50 GMT charlotte
Oct 20 2006 19:22 GMT Nodster
Toes company.........
Oct 20 2006 19:43 GMT LizSA
I am still laughing...it is wonderful...thankyou....i would also prefer to shave my foot and perhaps I willneed to clean my toenails...egh...I walk barefoot in the garden...so I might have to use your toes...I think it will be more hygienic...
ogh..perhaps I will bring a spoon!!!
and as Nodster said...toes company...the very first comment on your photo's..
remember I said "me three" and you were so cross...!! ohh laugh,, I love this..!!
Oct 20 2006 20:32 GMT rosyapple PRO
Totally cookie!
Oct 20 2006 20:47 GMT SheilaK
Armmmm, what happened to your fingers??? Couldn't you use those instead???? :P
Oct 20 2006 22:08 GMT VinceHopson1
but if I'd have burnt my finger I might have had trouble using the keyboard.
Oct 22 2006 02:17 GMT saintnobody
Oct 22 2006 03:45 GMT abojovna PRO
Very good !
Feb 07 2007 21:32 GMT vusha
wow...great work and idea