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2010 - Elk Hunt

Comments on this photo:

Dec 18 2010 05:32 GMT glacierman
nice sized cow!
Jul 12 2011 03:24 GMT USAFblue
Thanks, Dad got it on opening day. I got to field dress, skin, and butcher it for transport. "Lucky Me!" HaHa!
Jul 12 2011 03:34 GMT USAFblue
In his "off the shelf, non-modified" Savage 30.06 with a Leupold VX3 scope and a two-stage heavy "lawyer" trigger, I am getting .7" groups at 100 yards with these handloads and I zeroed it at 200 yards with the shots about 2" high at 100 yards.
To get that tight of a group, we found the best "sweet spot" with this stock gun at 46.5 grains of Varget. We loaded once fired prepped brass and used Federal 210M primers.
The cow in this photo above was standing broadside at roughly 150 yards with 6 others.
Dad's Nosler bullet hit this cow elk at about 7 to 8 inches behind the edge of the front shoulder muscle, on center of the body, but a bit too far back in my opinion. It appears to me to have broken up somewhat just after entry, upon hitting a rib. It took out both lungs, the liver had a few small holes, it opened the stomach, and from what I could tell it appeared that the main portion of the bullet exited the other side at about the same distance in back of the front shoulder. As it exited, it missed the off-side ribs. I honestly feel that Nosler's Ballistic Tip is devastating, and drops the animal. My brother thinks the world of these bullets, and this is why we loaded them, but to me, I want the bullet to punch through and hold together as the E-Tip or Accubond is reported to do. We will be using Barnes 150 Gr All Copper this December. No more eating lead fragments for me! ;)