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Karlskirche, taken with my phone.
Maybe time to start a church club, for all the beautiful churches out there...
Tag churchsunday. Ideally uploaded on Sundays.. ^_^

Well, it's an idea.
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Comments on this photo:

May 02 2012 19:38 GMT Petermosull
Very beautiful reflection image of a magnificant building and so well captured, I think the church club idea is great, up load a church image on Sunday, I'll do the same and we can tag it churchclubsunday and ask other's to do the same.
May 02 2012 19:56 GMT saffi9
stunning image
May 02 2012 20:06 GMT sini
Great reflection image!:)
May 02 2012 20:27 GMT jomoud PRO
Fabulous photo and terrific entry for the theme.
The idea of a church club is excellent:)
May 02 2012 20:27 GMT peterpinhole
It's a good idea yes!
This is a lovely photo of this one and its makes for a great reflectionthursday entry as well.
May 02 2012 21:41 GMT pauli3522
nice picccccccccccc
May 03 2012 05:15 GMT TinaRTiller
churchsunday is born! (just to keep it shorter and more 'inclusive') ;-)
May 03 2012 05:16 GMT TinaRTiller
Thanks! I've posted a new entry on the forum - to post your church images on sunday and tag churchsunday. Will be fun to see who wants to post entries! And of course, what beautiful churches that we'll see!
May 03 2012 05:17 GMT TinaRTiller
Thanks Peter! Will be excited to see gorgeous churches from Canada! :-)
May 03 2012 06:07 GMT Pea2007
This is a beautiful image of one of my favourite churches.
I will try and support your churchclubsunday which is a great idea.
May 03 2012 06:15 GMT senna3
Brilliant reflection entry, impressive architecture!
May 03 2012 07:18 GMT roncarlin PRO
Excellent foto. You have a great cell phone to capture such a beautiful reflection.
May 03 2012 09:25 GMT skyball
Lovely shot!!,,and a good idea!!!!!.....
May 03 2012 11:05 GMT TinaRTiller
Thanks! I'm sure there are a few to choose from where you live as well! :-)
May 03 2012 11:06 GMT TinaRTiller
Thank you Peter, and you are right! it's a baroque church from the 1700s, which is a style that I am really fond of. :-)
May 03 2012 11:07 GMT TinaRTiller
Thank you! Actually it's just a Galaxy s2, I think it was just the scene that was good. ;-)
May 03 2012 11:11 GMT TinaRTiller
Thank you hunju!
May 03 2012 17:55 GMT Midworlder PRO
Perfect for the theme
May 06 2012 18:37 GMT ForestSpirit PRO
Lovely architecture and reflection!
May 06 2012 18:39 GMT TinaRTiller
Thanks! Maybe there are some nice churches in NZ as well for churchsunday? :-)
May 06 2012 18:39 GMT TinaRTiller
Thank you very much! you also had a beautiful entry church for the theme. :-)
May 08 2012 09:58 GMT marijke06
May 10 2012 10:37 GMT MargNZ
Very beautiful Tina and I think it is a brilliant idea to have a church club on Sundays :)
May 11 2012 18:24 GMT TinaRTiller
thanks Marg! :-) also many beautiful churches in NZ!
May 24 2012 06:31 GMT ThorBeverley PRO
Gorgeous reflections!