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Wrecked sand-barge on Westward Ho! beach in the evening light. The wreck is only visible during the winter after particularly powerful storms.
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Comments on this photo:

Jan 27 2007 20:27 GMT fredaH
Fantastic phoographed.
awesome shot.
Jan 27 2007 20:40 GMT AshleyChen
fantastic shot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jan 27 2007 20:43 GMT DIVIAN
very nice view indeed... something is missing tho. I guess it might b better if u could find a higher point, in order to see all of that beautiful stone formation, which looks like a pagan praying place. I hope u understand what i am saying, I think it would b more effective if all the stones would overlap the water, it would bring them up more, giving more depth to the image. Great use of that tripod, otherwise, the water looks great on this long time shot.
Jan 27 2007 20:44 GMT Molivac
Marvellous image !!!! delicate and beautiful colours
Jan 27 2007 22:59 GMT Phoenix PRO
Beautiful photo, very atmospheric and amazing to see.
Jan 27 2007 23:31 GMT Archer
Mystical and very atmospheric! Long exposition time gives it divine look
Jan 27 2007 23:54 GMT Midworlder PRO
Wonderful .. I too thought .. strange place for a stone circle .. must finish the stonehenge book, it's playing on my mind !!
Jan 28 2007 00:53 GMT Tavascarow
Beautiful image.
Did you get a BMW bike or trainers I see they have finally got the barges in place.
Jan 28 2007 01:00 GMT sebra
wow- I love it- it could have been taken in a dreamworld.
Jan 28 2007 01:17 GMT Poulet PRO
Fantastic shot, Thor !! Great colour !!!
Jan 28 2007 07:31 GMT NeiK
Wooow... This one goes to my favourites. Absolutely stunning!
Jan 28 2007 09:04 GMT fcpos
Vow...beautiful image!
Jan 28 2007 10:50 GMT rosyapple PRO
Mysterious photo! The misty movement of the water is great!
Jan 28 2007 14:06 GMT ThorBeverley PRO
I see what you mean DIVIAN, I would have loved to have taken an aerial shot of the site as it would have shown the full outline of the barge. I appreciate your comments!
Jan 28 2007 18:45 GMT genese
excellent thor this is in the favs
Jan 28 2007 20:23 GMT bennystr
Superb shot!
Jan 28 2007 20:29 GMT 32131
Beautiful! :)
Jan 28 2007 21:54 GMT Wildspirit PRO
Jan 29 2007 15:42 GMT pauli3522
Jan 29 2007 15:44 GMT Curiousrhino
Awesome shot, a definite favourite !
Jan 29 2007 20:53 GMT LisaSam67
big time favourite!!!!
Jan 30 2007 08:30 GMT gmastro
AMAZING colours and shot!!!! WELL DONE!
Feb 02 2007 13:57 GMT sourdos
As my friend Gmastro say "WELL DONE " Its fantastic :)
Feb 08 2007 20:32 GMT Smalltownjones
Awsome! go pro!
Feb 08 2007 21:04 GMT ThorBeverley PRO
Thanks Jim - my camera is great, I took this on a really long exposure with a tripod as it was noticeably dark - hence the blurred moving water.
Feb 21 2008 23:19 GMT Karlmardell
great peaceful colors