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Gold ducat minted in Utrecht, Holland in 1724. This coin was on board the Dutch vessel "Akerendam" which sank off the Norwegian coast in March 1725 bound for the Dutch East Indies. In 1972 a joint Norwegian/Swedish team found the wreck and raised many fabulous items including over 6,000 of these gold coins. Thanks to a generous grandmother I am lucky enough to own two of them.
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Comments on this photo:

Oct 17 2007 22:40 GMT jamesrb PRO
Its not chocolate then ? :^)
Oct 17 2007 22:58 GMT bennystr
Oct 17 2007 22:59 GMT brunopapeete
I am very proud for you; it's a splendid stunning golden coin !!!
Oct 18 2007 01:49 GMT PhotoPro PRO
wow - that's fantastic!!
Oct 18 2007 05:24 GMT gnilsen PRO
Very good
Oct 18 2007 05:41 GMT sprigo
Fascinating history and a superb shot of the coin Thor.
Oct 18 2007 06:19 GMT senna3
That is a real treasure Thor!
Thanks for showing us this unique ducat. I used to collect coins and I am still triggered when I see such rare items!
Oct 18 2007 22:08 GMT Archer
The object of beauty. Precious and beautiful
Oct 20 2007 22:57 GMT gtc126
Fantastic Maco...thanks for Sharing Thor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oct 20 2007 23:17 GMT larrybenedict
Senna3 got it right.....a REAL treasure!
Oct 20 2007 23:58 GMT lumaciel
Congratulation Thor ...
Apr 15 2008 17:26 GMT jamers
great picture and cool that Utrecht is mentioned. Norway is far away from the route to the East Indies, or did the shipper try to find a new way to get to the East?
Apr 15 2008 18:57 GMT ThorBeverley PRO
Thanks jamers!
Apparently they were trying to go round the British Isles to avoid English ships!
Must have been hostilities between the two countries at the time.
Apr 20 2008 20:42 GMT jamers
We didn't have a war in those (1725) days. Between the English and Dutch there wasn't a war since decades. The next war between the two would be 1780, because of the independence of America
Apr 20 2008 21:08 GMT ThorBeverley PRO
I have checked various websites jamers (many are in Dutch) and the common view seems to be there was a storm and the Akerendam got lost in the North Sea - so lost in fact the ship struck Norway. Perhaps they meant to go through the Channel?

Aug 18 2008 11:45 GMT happysnapper
WOW lucky old you!