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Young badger near Stoodleigh, Tiverton, Devon.
My entry for mycountryfriday: I thought of war memorials, of football shirts, of flags but in the end I plumped for what I love about the country I live in - the wildlife! I've just spent a lovely evening taking picture with Devon Badger Watch - anyone else who wants to photograph wild badgers with them should see: http://www.devonbadgerwatch.co.uk/
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Comments on this photo:

May 24 2007 22:59 GMT irashid


May 24 2007 22:59 GMT bennystr
Simply GREAT!
Excellent entry!
May 24 2007 23:03 GMT LisaSam67
oh wow! what a shot!!!!!!!!
May 24 2007 23:05 GMT PatNolan
Oh what a shot Thor, love it.
May 24 2007 23:21 GMT Craig1000hk
fantastic image mate I love it, I actually saw a badger from my bedroom window one night, I live in Oxford, and at first thought it was a big cat.......sort of cool where I am I suppose I have also seen a pair of foxes........thing is this sort of thing drives me nuts because for nights afterwards I sit by my window armed with cameras, long lenses, and a flask of coffee and see nothing lol well done mate
May 24 2007 23:26 GMT Craig1000hk
by the way mate I wonder if you might be interested in wolves, if so try this link http://www.ukwolf.org/ they organise walks through woods with them :)
May 24 2007 23:54 GMT hans55 PRO
a very good and original entry !!
May 24 2007 23:58 GMT eleni78 PRO
so cute!
May 25 2007 00:45 GMT ashdad PRO
Beautifully caught!
May 25 2007 00:50 GMT ButterflyShutterfly
Awesome shot of this beautiful animal! :))
May 25 2007 00:52 GMT larrybenedict
First time I've ever seen a picture of a badger.
May 25 2007 00:59 GMT PhotoPro PRO
what a fantastic entry!
May 25 2007 01:13 GMT bukaj PRO
funny fella :)
May 25 2007 01:38 GMT Midworlder PRO
Great photo Thor, certainly not what most of us would be used to seeing
May 25 2007 01:50 GMT Poulet PRO
How cute!
Great shot, Thor!
Unique and original entry!
May 25 2007 02:25 GMT jomoud PRO
Gorgeous contribution to the theme my friend:)
May 25 2007 05:25 GMT sini
Beautiful photo! Great entry!
May 25 2007 08:54 GMT alhoafun
wow!! such a wonderful image -I've always wanted to see a real one but no luck...
May 25 2007 09:28 GMT icemarkuk PRO
Great... Badger, Badger, Badger... Mushroom Mushroom!
May 25 2007 16:51 GMT backstreets PRO
A great and beautiful choice...lovely photo !!
have a nice weekend !
May 25 2007 17:07 GMT Crowy
Great !!
I want one..
May 25 2007 18:01 GMT rosyapple PRO
You are so privileged to have this amazing photo! He is so beautiful! A perfect entry!
May 26 2007 13:59 GMT VandA
quite nice favourite
May 26 2007 15:47 GMT GeoffReeves
Very lovely indeed.A privilege to see these enigmatic creatures. :-)
May 26 2007 17:00 GMT ThorBeverley PRO
Craig the wolf walks (and they do special events for photographers too!) look fascinating - I'd love to do one when I have the chance. Thanks for alerting me to them. Have you done one? Any photos?
May 26 2007 17:41 GMT fredaH
it's really cute!!
feel happy looking at it.
*add to fav*
May 26 2007 20:27 GMT pauli3522
May 27 2007 09:05 GMT PaP67
Wow i never observed the "blaireau" badger ( thanks i learnd a new word )
i think in my country it begins to be rare...
encore une espèce en voie de disparition ? i don't know.....
May 27 2007 09:42 GMT ThorBeverley PRO
Thanks PaP67 - I first learnt the French word "blaireau" through an interest in cycling as it was Bernard Hinault's nickname.
The guide at the Badger Watch site said that in England badgers live in large family groups due to the sheer number of earthworms (their favourite food) caused by the wetter climate, in France (which is drier) they tended to be more solitary. Perhaps this makes them harder to see in France?
May 27 2007 12:57 GMT kosmos PRO
Great shot of the badger! I have only seen a badger dead, in the middle of the road. :(
May 27 2007 19:42 GMT gtc126
Two Great Shots of the Badger!!!!
May 28 2007 06:58 GMT senna3
What a beauty, excellent picture!
May 28 2007 08:08 GMT PaP67
dear Thor, thanks for your reply, your badgers shots are SUPER!
i am very enjoyed to know that an Englishman knows this story about Bernard Hinault !
celà me fait vraiment plaisir
ciào !
May 28 2007 22:14 GMT choices
Fabulous!!! What a cute little fellow! Great capture here!
Jun 16 2007 16:12 GMT therese48
Amazing shot! Are they not nocturnal? I like all your nature shots, and feel inspired!
Jun 16 2007 21:49 GMT ThorBeverley PRO
Yes they are nocturnal therese - the badger hide is under trees so they come out a bit earlier (around 7.00pm) and the Badger Watch people feed peanuts which badgers love. And I used a flash and they didn't run away!
All round it was a priviledge to see them.
Jul 03 2007 17:35 GMT Snappa
Superb shot!!!!