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"Heaven from Devon" : Vanilla butter fudge, my entry for sweetsaturday.
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Comments on this photo:

Dec 01 2007 13:32 GMT LizSA
Heavenly for sure.....mmm I can feel it melt in my mouth...
must get my husband to make some :-)) I love fudge... !!
Dec 01 2007 13:37 GMT Vasca
Mmmmmmm ...
It make me think... now that Christmas and the ending year celebrations are coming, we eat lots of tasty and yummy things!!! hahaha
And in the new year we all must go to gym to lose the kilos we wan! hahaha
Dec 01 2007 13:44 GMT Cronos1
Hey!!! Is not fair ! Vasca and you are kiding... and we are passing away...(RIP)(lol)
Dec 01 2007 13:56 GMT wifey
Now that's just cruel… tastes much better than carrot I'm sure!
Dec 01 2007 14:21 GMT LittleDaisy
I grab the one :D Mmm.. Let me know if anything left, I'll come once again then!!!
Dec 01 2007 14:44 GMT Poulet PRO
I'm not a sweet thooth BUT it looks so tasty!!!! ;)))
Dec 01 2007 15:17 GMT aquiles PRO
Dec 01 2007 15:20 GMT ETS2
Yum, yum, I love fudge and with a name like that they must be something extra!!
Dec 01 2007 16:01 GMT ashdad PRO
Looks delicious!
Dec 01 2007 16:14 GMT Midworlder PRO
Ohhhhh yes, mouth watering
Dec 01 2007 17:21 GMT elimar
Dec 01 2007 17:45 GMT genese
yummy entry! hmm i have a sweet tooth now
Dec 01 2007 19:34 GMT kimbob
That looks so good!!
Dec 01 2007 20:06 GMT bennystr
Thanks, they do look great!
Dec 01 2007 21:05 GMT Yermanie
Wow I am hungry and you put here such wonderful sweets. Thanks for your offer. Have a nice time over weekend.
Dec 02 2007 22:52 GMT Bellavista
Hmmm ...do you have the reciept fot it?
Dec 05 2007 03:08 GMT gtc126
Loks Good. I will take 20 lbs Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dec 07 2007 07:04 GMT GeoffReeves
Dec 12 2007 00:05 GMT rosyapple PRO
I am just reaching over for a piece now.....mmmm!
Dec 12 2007 00:05 GMT rosyapple PRO
I am just reaching over for a piece now.....mmmm!