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Grimspound, Dartmoor 1/2: A view into Grimspound late Bronze Age settlement (around 3,000 years old) through the South gateway with Hookney Tor in the background. Some 20 hut circles can be traced within the pound which was also probably used to contain livestock. The circles are the remaining lower walls of dwellings, they would probably have had heather-thatched roofs on top of the walls. The 'grim' part of the name often refers to the devil, a number of ancient sites are called after the devil as later people could not imagine who else had built them. For a view of the whole site see the previous picture.
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Comments on this photo:

Jan 13 2007 00:10 GMT Pasifae
Great composition!!
Jan 13 2007 01:00 GMT potterjo
very interesting....nicely composed
Jan 13 2007 08:03 GMT Tavascarow
Beautiful place.
I know little about our ancient history but it's a fascinating subject.
Jan 13 2007 09:28 GMT sini
interesting landscape!
Jan 13 2007 11:04 GMT senna3
It is nice to have an explanation with these two Grimspound pictures. Now the pictures themselves tell you a whole story too!
Jan 13 2007 19:32 GMT bennystr
Very nice!
Jan 14 2007 15:55 GMT VandA
Its just a pile of rocks, Thor!
Jan 14 2007 21:09 GMT ThorBeverley PRO
" Its just a pile of rocks, Thor"
Careful Sis, people will think you are an ignorant philistine!
Jan 14 2007 21:44 GMT Wildspirit PRO
Wow! This is history!
Jan 18 2007 05:34 GMT gtc126
Super shot......great color.....great depth too!!!!
Jan 19 2007 07:32 GMT SolveigB
wish I could walk there,makes it very inviting.Our little world seem so important,but man have managed for 3ooo years.