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My entry for springfriday - A Snake's Head Fritillary (so-called due to the chequerboard patterns resembling a snake's markings). The word 'fritillary' is interesting as it is applied to both flowers and butterflies, it comes from the Latin word for 'dice box' and refers to the distinctive patterned markings of both the flower and the butterfly.
Here is a fritillary butterfly:http://www.fotothing.com/ThorBeverley/photo/05101983813af70271c780a57c2d209b/
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Comments on this photo:

Apr 05 2007 19:22 GMT sini
Beautiful flowers! Great entry!
Apr 05 2007 19:28 GMT LisaSam67
wow never have I seen one of these! Great butterfly on the link too!
Thank you so much for sharing and great entry!
Apr 05 2007 19:34 GMT LizSA
A beautiful spring...........special related to the butterfly....
all spring friday....!!!
Apr 05 2007 19:38 GMT SimonH
Great entry and fantastic capture. In german the flower is called "schachblume" = lit. "chess flower" because of it's pattern with the changing dark and light pads. Didn't know that it belongs to the fritillariae yet. Very interesting, thanks.
Apr 05 2007 19:38 GMT grenthal
this is a wonderful flower! thank you for this!
Apr 05 2007 19:47 GMT bennystr
Beautiful spring shot!
Apr 05 2007 19:54 GMT ichigiku
amazing blossoms!!
Apr 05 2007 20:00 GMT senna3
Fantastic entry!
Apr 05 2007 20:54 GMT backstreets PRO
beautiful photo.....a lovely entry !!
Apr 05 2007 22:29 GMT Florine
Beautiful flowers. Very nice entry!
Apr 05 2007 22:52 GMT alhoafun
a lovely image -such an interesting flower, I've no seen anything like it, thankyou!
Apr 05 2007 23:16 GMT homemempe
Apr 06 2007 03:15 GMT ashdad PRO
Beautiful pattern!
Apr 06 2007 04:56 GMT PhotoPro PRO
beautiful entry!
Apr 06 2007 05:56 GMT Midworlder PRO
Great information, great photo
Apr 06 2007 07:49 GMT Elise
Stunning entry....happy Easter and have great weekend:)
Apr 06 2007 14:18 GMT Poulet PRO
Beautiful and interesting flower !
Beautiful image...
Great entry !
Have a beautiful weekend, Thor.
Apr 06 2007 16:41 GMT jomoud PRO
very nice entry
Apr 06 2007 19:58 GMT jamby PRO
very unique flowers...astonishing beautiful capture!! Happy Easter to you!!!
Apr 06 2007 23:19 GMT karlbark
Very nice shot for springfriday! :-)

Best regards,
Karl Trausti from Iceland
Apr 08 2007 07:43 GMT Yermanie
Kind to see such wonderful flowers.
Apr 09 2007 09:32 GMT Maurabia
i love this fritilaire very much, so original in the flower world
Apr 09 2007 12:09 GMT CovAga
Apr 09 2007 21:11 GMT rosyapple PRO
I love these flowers - it is so rare to see geometry in nature!
Apr 09 2007 21:17 GMT alicewise
I have these growing in my garden too, snakeheads or something?
Anyway lovely picture =)
Apr 19 2007 21:56 GMT besnaglista
I wish I could add a half of your album to my faves!!!