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Goldcrest at Rosemoor RHS Gardens, Torrington, Devon feeding in an apple tree. He was very active and rarely kept still so I was very pleased to get this picture. Apparently the Goldcrest is Britain's smallest bird.
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Comments on this photo:

Nov 05 2006 18:58 GMT PhotoPro PRO
beautiful shot!
Nov 05 2006 19:05 GMT antidote
nice shot mate
Nov 05 2006 23:03 GMT Tavascarow
Yep along with the firecrest they are the smallest british birds.
Great capture.
Nov 06 2006 01:06 GMT Kire403
wow! what an information at least now I saw the smallest bird in Britain..

good shot for Nikon D50 (same as to my friend in Australia and Carl...)
Nov 06 2006 01:08 GMT Pasifae
Amazing photo!!!
Nov 06 2006 02:22 GMT Poulet PRO
Great shot !!
Nov 06 2006 20:53 GMT Elise
I love this shot.....outstanding!! add
Nov 06 2006 22:02 GMT gmastro
Amazing! very good captured and sharp!
Nov 07 2006 07:45 GMT sini
great capture!
Nov 08 2006 02:11 GMT bojtorjan
What a beautiful catch!
Nov 08 2006 02:50 GMT ButterflyShutterfly
Wow! This is really great!
Nov 08 2006 04:55 GMT NeiK
It must be very small! Looks cute! And I have been trying to capture some of our little birds which just keep jumping from tree branch to tree branch for as long as it takes to frustrate the photographer... So this is an amazing shot! And you have captured it from the perfect angle so that all the wonderful details of its wings and head can be seen. Well done!
Nov 08 2006 22:41 GMT ThorBeverley PRO
Neik it did take a long time to capture but that's the beauty of digital - I 'missed' a lot of times but was able to delete those and save this one. I like you bird/animal photos very much.
Nov 10 2006 18:12 GMT LittleDaisy
Marvelous!!! Gorgeous shot Thor!!!
Nov 11 2006 15:44 GMT miclar
I love bird photography and this is one of the best.
Dec 06 2006 21:35 GMT gtc126
fine shot....beautiful bird...great color.....